How to Have More Fun While Travelling Your Favourite Spot

How to Have More Fun While Travelling Your Favourite Spot

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You might think travelling is already fun. What else do you need here to have more fun? Is it not enough fun already? Well, it is a controversial thing to say so. But my intentions are going to be crystal clear when you consider something important.

Travelling is not always possible without investment. Your goal is to get the best return on that investment. You cannot make this gain by trying to have fun unnaturally and intensely. However, making your trips more enjoyable can help you get this return. You have probably taken out easy loans in Ireland from a private lender for this trip. You would surely look for ways to make it memorable. Consider turning your journey into more fun!

Enjoy Your Travelling More with These Hacks

In this post, I have decided to put a few of my own ways and generalised techniques to make travel enjoyable. However, you are welcome to do your own thing. Just keep in mind that YOUR ENDEAVOURS MUST ALWAYS KEEP YOU SAFE AND UNHARMED.

  • Playing Games?

Wait a minute! Travelling and games? Well, travelling is the best part if you journey with your friends. You might need to indulge in happy moments. Games can help.

Are we speaking about digital games? Is it that same old multiplayer game playable on mobile or in your handheld console? Well, yes! Sitting at the seaside café in the morning for breakfast with friends and joining an online match can be great fun, to begin with.

However, I am not advocating online or digital games only. You might want to make sure you connect with friends or family in an offline way too. Bring board games. Get yourself a deck of cards and play Family Card games such as Go Fish. You can also try playing Bridge.

Is there an option to play games alone? Of course! Many mobile games can be played without friends. Search for offline games. Along with that, you can play Chess with AI. Or your deck of cards can help you play single-player card games like Clear the Dungeon, Joker Jailbreak, or any other Solitaire title (my favourite is Simple Simon).

  • Let’s Learn the Local Language

They say you should learn a few languages. It is good for the brain. More than that, though, learning a language might as well come in handy someday. When you travel, it is fascinating to learn the language of a location because you can relate to it. You can literally interact with the environment to get a more relevant learning process.

Choosing the language institutes is a good idea. If you are short on money, then you can quickly get an online loan from private lenders in Ireland. These loans are unsecured loans. You do not need collateral for them. Take out short-term loans and get started with your language classes. Also, speak with the locals. It might help you.

  • Cook Food Yourself

Why so? Does it take away the fun of travelling? To be honest, you can have more fun while travelling when you prepare your meals yourself and that too by being together. It saves a lot of money as well.

  • Search for hotels where you are allowed to cook food.
  • Try not to bring appliances from your home. You can buy a few in the location you are travelling to.
  • It is a good idea to rent appliances in your trip location.
  • Enjoy local food items by visiting the market often. Avoid Genetically Modified foods (GMOs), though.

Apart from saving money, cooking at home might help you stay on the healthier side of eating. You can control the portions and the ingredients. To spice it up, enjoy local foods at times. However, make sure you are eating healthy.

  • Exploring

We do go hiking in our favourite spots. It can get more fun and interesting when we are travelling. Firstly, we have not seen or hiked that area before. And secondly, we might not get the chance again soon.

Although these are generic reasons to hike or to camp in the location you went to, you might want to explore to make the trip more complete and diverse. However, you might not want to do that if you are not an expert. Bring GPS, medications from your doctor’s prescription, and other protective gear.

  • Go for a Bicycle Tour in the City

Hopefully, you can ride a bike or a bicycle. It’s a great way to cruise the city and learn its locations, history, and heritage. And the good news is you may not have to do it alone. You can get guides who offer bicycle tours. With the professional, you can cruise the city on two wheels and have more fun.

Again, for solo travellers, there is a way to cruise all by yourself. For this, you might need to rent a bike. If you are proficient in riding an E-bike, then you may get them too. Keep in mind that E-bikes come in throttle and pedal assist technologies. Be sure to check about them and get the bike with the technology that you know and use.

  • Make Videos instead of Snapping Photos

Do you want a more enjoyable hack? Then choose videography over photography at the time you are travelling. We do bring cameras with us for shooting photographs. We can make it more interesting just by switching to a video. You don’t need a range of diverse tools to make a video. Just bring a gimbal with you and a tripod. You can also get these tools for Smartphones if you think of shooting through your phone’s camera.

Make videos that tell the story of your travelling. However, is that all of it? Not at all! These travel videos can be made more interestingly. Whether or not you have friends or family, a travel video can become a meaningful choice to make your trips more interesting and memorable.

  • Shoot videos in cinematic mode if possible.
  • Choose handheld shots to make a dynamic travel video.
  • Make a travel film.
  • Take interviews with your friends and families about the travel destination. Make a set of interesting questions.
  • If you bring a pet with you, then you can make a separate video on that.
  • Visit the restaurants and make a food vlog.
  • Simply make a travel vlog showing how you travel, where you’re going and staying etc.
  • Create ASMR videos where you don’t have to talk. Just show where you are travelling. The sounds of your surroundings are definitely a treat to the eye and the ear to the traveller sitting at home at the moment.
  • Suppose you have become familiar with the travel destination (you’ve visited the place before). In that case, you can choose to make a travel-guide video where you explain the location and the information about how to travel or where to stay.
  • To my knowledge, you can make personalised videos of travel. For example, I made a video on what I have learnt about life and felt when I travelled to the countryside.

To Conclude

Waiting to pack your bags? Now you can do that with an advanced plan to make your trips more enjoyable. However, you have to stay careful and maintain safety precautions. Have fun, but do so carefully and in moderation.

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