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One of the main tasks of the Community Manager is to grow the community of the brand for which he works. How do we gain subscribers effectively? Several options exist, including content promotion, advertising, and the organization of competitions. We come back to these possibilities and explain how to gain subscribers on social networks.


To gain subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the golden rule in Community Management remains the regular sharing of content designed for your target. In addition to knowing, it is up to you to carry out tests in parallel with content creation, with the means at your disposal to grow your community. Among these means, we find sharing posts from one network to another or advertising. The organization of online competitions is also top-rated. You can set them up yourself or use dedicated platforms, such as

or  .

The easiest solution is undoubtedly to buy subscribers. However, it is not recommended, as it is an artificial approach that will not reflect your audience. Commitment will not be there, a mandatory condition to last over time. It is, therefore, better to rely on a natural and qualitative method to gain subscribers.

Also, subject to agreement from your hierarchy, the so-called “employee advocacy” approach can prove effective. It involves involving the company’s employees in a common practice to build awareness around the brand.


One of the first things to do before looking at gaining followers on Instagram or Facebook is to add the logos of these platforms to your website, which can serve as a gateway to your networks. In the same way, link your social media together: insert a link to your Facebook page in your YouTube banner or insert a Twitter tab in the menu of your Facebook page. At the same time, you can integrate a tweet into a blog article or incorporate widgets on your website to share your activity feed on networks. Setting up these gateways will help you gain subscribers from various channels click here.

To stay in touch with your audience and keep them informed, creating a mailing is recommended through a weekly or monthly newsletter, sharing company news and the posts that work best on your social platforms. Finally, consider classic supports like pens or business cards to promote your brand. These marketing objects connect the natural world and the virtual world.


The competition is an excellent way to quickly win followers who can advertise you on social networks thanks to the prizes to be won.

To capture a qualitative audience that matches your target, make sure you choose the correct gain and follow these steps:

Define a precise objective: is the aim of the competition to bring visibility to the brand? To boost sales? Or something else?

Select the correct type of game (quiz, instant win, photo contest), depending on the dynamics of your community.

Communicate around the competition: beforehand to make it known, once launched to boost participation, and after the announcement of the winner to thank all those registered.

The idea of ​​a competition is popular, especially for gaining followers on Instagram, but it can be adapted for each social platform. The game’s construction must be thought out and be part of an overall logic; the choice of the launch date will result from this, and it will be possible to measure and analyze the results once the competition is closed.



Community Management can include the supervision of advertising campaigns aimed at gaining subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform.

Each social media has its specificities in terms of advertising, but the overall path remains the same:

Identify the objective of this campaign.

Configure the name, duration, and location of the sponsored insert.

Define targeting criteria to be able to target your competitors’ audiences in particular.

Evaluate the budget.

Select the content to promote.


Above all, sponsoring posts that already work well without advertising is recommended. A position that didn’t work without promotion won’t work better with it. Then, opt for a short campaign (3 to 5 days maximum) to be renewed regularly. Frequent rotation of advertisements avoids boring your audience.

Additionally, these samples can allow you to start with small budgets across multiple networks simultaneously and then compare the results between them.


No doubt, involving your community and creating discussions remains the best way to gain subscribers on Instagram, Facebook, or elsewhere. However, this is proving increasingly complex, with Internet users being approached from all sides.

If you want to become a Community Manager, know that your ability to work for a defined audience will make all the difference. This is based on three elements.

The bottom. Before wondering how to get followers on Twitter, for example, ask yourself about the added value your brand can bring your readers, which they will not find elsewhere.

The form. Your writing must be brief, practical, and, of course, inspiring. Consider inserting calls to action, hashtags, and emojis to do this. The visuals are also trendy and capture attention.

The implication. Involving your brand within your community will generate engagement. If you appear in your audience’s notifications, thanks to mentions or likes, they will know how to give it back to you, and you will gain visibility. Be careful, however, to remain moderate.

To learn more about community management, follow Walter Learning’s Community Management training, provided by Émilie Marquois, a social media consultant.

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