How to Better Understand Your Course Material and Perform Outstandingly?

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Pursuing an MD program is a dream come true for many aspiring physicians. Studying in medical school isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many medical students find it harder as there is a lot of study material they are supposed to digest in medical school in a short period of time. Fortunately, there are some effective learning strategies that allow students to study effectively.

From understanding complex concepts to reviewing lectures, preparing for clinical rotations, USMLE and matching for residency, medical students have to learn multiple concepts at the same time. Discovering some effective learning techniques will allow you to become a successful student and stay on top of your studies.

Let’s explore some really effective ways students can try to absorb study material and perform outstandingly in their board exams.

  1.   Create Questions

It is one of the best learning strategies for medical students that allow them to understand the particular topic and strengthen the concept. The technique lets you think about the information you absorbed during the lecture and check your concepts. For instance, you can make important points from a lecture and create a short list of questions related to major concepts. While answering these questions later, you will figure out what you learned and identify and correct any gaps in understanding the concepts.

  1.   Try the Pause Procedure

Pause procedure is a proven study method for medical students, allowing them to improve learning. It is an effective active learning method that allows students to review their lectures, reflect on them, discuss the main points with a classmate and think actively.

For example, if you are reviewing your notes or watching a video to understand a topic, pause whatever you are doing. Close the book or pause the video. Now start recalling the important points. Pausing your study session for a few minutes will give your brain enough time to process new information, understand meaning and create connections.

This learning strategy is effective for increasing your short-term memory and feeding the information in your long-term memory. The pause strategy works well for learning difficult concepts and helps you absorb information faster and recall it for exams.

  1. Try the Feynman Technique

The Feynman Technique is a great learning method that enhances your ability to understand complicated subjects easily. In this technique, choose a topic that you want to understand at a deeper level. Now write down everything you know about the topic and the points you want to know about it. Put your best efforts into understanding the topic.

Once you think you master the topic, explain it to a person who doesn’t know about the topic. Break down the topic into understandable chunks and use common words to explain things easily.

While explaining things, you will identify gaps in your knowledge and what point you don’t understand well. When you explain the topic in simple words, you will realize how well you know the topic. If the explanation is enough and the person understands the subject, it is a positive indication that you master the material.

  1.   Use Flashcards to Memorize the Information

Believe it or not, flashcards are the most effective learning technique that are considered as the fastest way to enhance your knowledge. The best part of flashcards is that they can transform into a quiz and test your knowledge. Whether you want to prepare for the USMLE step 1, medical school exams or simply memorize the concept for class quiz, you can test your knowledge with flashcards.

If you want to learn complex anatomical terminologies, pharmacological concepts or physiology of different body organs, flashcards are the best way to memorize anything you want. It strengthens your memory and highlights the areas where you need additional efforts.

  1. Take Practice Questions to Test Your Knowledge

Medical students can follow this self-testing approach to memorize the medical terminologies, medical concepts, and diagnostic procedures. There are many websites that offer online practice tests, students can take as many practice tests as they can to identify their positive and weak points. With practice questions, you can save your time effectively and easily revise the topic in a short amount of time.

  1.   Leverage Visual Learning

Visual learning is a scientifically proven method of studying that can restore information for a longer period of time. Human brain can memorize images faster than text. With videos, images, graphs, and charts, you can better understand the complex topics. Basically, images are linked to emotions in the human brain and stored in long-term memory.

Visuals allow your brain to process information faster and enhance the learning process. Visuals can improve your concentration levels and engage you with learning materials. Furthermore, you can keep motivated throughout the learning process and develop an interest in topics that are complicated. It will allow you to better prepare for exams and secure good grades.

Wrapping Up

These are some proven ways to study medicine effectively and improve your academic performance. All these techniques can save you a lot of time and maximize your learning efforts. Learning key clinical concepts, memorizing medical terms, and preparing for exams will become easier if you follow these simple yet effective study techniques. If you are thinking of pursuing an MD program and getting into a Caribbean medical school, use these learning techniques to become a smart student and achieve remarkable academic performance.


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