How to analyze and optimize your reach on Facebook

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For growing businesses exploring the world of online marketing, Facebook post reach is critical. Understanding how to analyze and optimize your online reach is essential to being a successful marketer. These different aspects will allow you to increase your visibility and expand your audience, giving your  business  greater potential for expansion.

Are you curious about the strategies to adopt to understand how to interact with your audience on Facebook? Do not search anymore! We’ve gathered the most important details about analyzing and optimizing your content in this article.

Here’s how to analyze your reach on Facebook

What is reach on Facebook?

Concretely, your reach on Facebook is translated by a defined number allowing you to know the number of people who have seen your content in a certain period of time. In some cases, the reach can be referred to as “unique impressions”. However, it is important to note that there is a distinction between impressions and reach, as impressions indicate how often content is viewed by those you have reached.

If you find these explanations confusing, consider that a user may view the same Facebook post multiple times and therefore impressions may equal or exceed the unique reach itself.

It is important to state that there is a difference between page reach and post reach. The page reach tells you a number aligned with the number of people who have viewed the content of your page, without necessarily being linked to a specific post. On the other hand, you have the number of people who viewed a post on your page, rather than the page itself.

How to Analyze Reach on Facebook

The scope of Facebook divides into several options, knowing that there are three distinct options. The first is your daily reach. This number is the number of people you managed to reach in one day. The second option is the  weekly reach which shows the number of people reached in the last 7 days. Finally, the third option indicates the number of people reached during the month or over a period of 28 days. The 28th, just like the 7th day also offers value for the scope of each day.

Considering these options, it is essential to mention that if you analyze the reach according to time periods, you can only measure it by intervals of 1, 7 or 28 days.

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Facebook’s organic, paid and unpaid reach

In a nutshell, organic reach refers to the number of people who discovered the content you offer, without you sponsoring or paying for it. However, on Facebook, organic reach refers to something slightly different. Facebook defines organic reach as a concrete number of people who visited or viewed your page, as well as those who encountered one of your posts on their News Feed.

Take into account publications that bring more visibility

Since Facebook offers you to consult multiple data to determine the performance of your posts, so start by analyzing them and find what works in your posts.

Do you find aspects that lead to lower or higher reach? This process may involve some trial and error to test aspects of posts that perform well with different audiences. However, it should help you understand how to engage with your Facebook audience through your content.


The viral capacities of your Facebook posts can give you a clear idea of ​​how many people have commented or shared your posts, as well as the reasons for their behavior. Examining these aspects shows you which characteristics of the post lead to greater virality. Pay close attention to viral reach compared to your total reach to find examples that lead to more virality.

Look for posts with higher reach

This may seem like an obvious option when it comes to understanding your content online, but it’s the fastest way to identify posts that have achieved significant reach. For example, if you find that content that includes images or videos has a much higher reach than those that don’t, it would be worth reconsidering your content plan and working around how your audience react!

Temporal scope

If there’s one thing all businesses focus on in online marketing, it’s timing. There are specific times during the day when a post will receive more attention compared to others. One point worth mentioning is that consistency is key to post reach.

If you post an article every Monday morning and find it has high reach, keep doing it. However, if you post a photo every Friday at 4 p.m. and you can’t get a handful of likes, then you might want to consider posting it at a different time.

Offer a Coupon or discount for Liking Your Facebook Page

Last but not least, there’s the incentive. Companies have been using this technique for years as a way to encourage email signups and, before that, mailing list subscriptions. To leverage this technique, you’d need to leverage your social listening software. Alternatively, you can use a popup on your website, where the browser redirects after a Facebook like. Either way, you have more visibility.

If you’re in retail, this is especially effective. People don’t like getting bombarded with excessive advertisements. However, unlike most paid social, organic posts from brands are often worthwhile in that they can be uplifting or useful. In addition, for many people, a discount is just what it takes to convert a lurker into a customer. Hopefully, you’ll make a lot more money over time by using this approach.

Learning how to get more likes on your Facebook business page isn’t hard. In fact, many of these techniques are either common sense or a variation of methods we use on other social networks. Try a few of these out today and see how much it impacts your sales.

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