Hotels To Stay In New York

Hotels To Stay In New York

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New York has its fair share of iconic hotels, such as The Plaza where Macaulay Caulkin ran amok in Home Alone 2, and the Algonquin Hotel, which has housed famous guests like Maya Angelou and William Faulkner.

Though these establishments are recognized and listed on almost every article about hotels in New York, we wanted to focus on the lesser-known gems that the city is home to. From futuristic spaces with smart designs to owner-operated boutiques, our list of 6 Hidden Gems in New York – Hotel Edition covers them all.

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The Collective Paper Factory

Situated in the cultural hub of Long Island City, and just a few blocks away from Astoria’s bustling restaurant scene and nightlife, The Collective Paper Factory is an innovative co-living community with a cause. It is designed to inspire guests by fostering human connection in a modern space that can be your home, your work space, and your playground for as long as you’d like. Staying here means you’ll get the best of both worlds: the hospitality and amenities of a hotel, alongside the additional benefits of programs and experiences only offered in co-living communities.



You can take a look into the future with a stay at Yotel. Their check-in counter is non-existent and instead, you’ll find a self-check-in kiosk. Your luggage is taken to your cabin via the world’s first robotic luggage concierge. You read right – cabin; their cabins can hold anywhere from one to four people and have several advanced amenities. Our favorite is the VIP King Suite View which has a 180-degree view of downtown Manhattan and the skyline beyond it. Be sure to make the most of their public areas which includes one of the largest outdoor terraces in the state.



citizenM is a brilliant hotel with stunning decor and exceptional facilities – if you want your Instagram posts to really pop, this is the hotel for you. You’ll find the hotel on the corner of Broadway in midtown Manhattan, which is a great location since you’ll be in the heart of New York’s vibrant nightlife. What makes this hotel really stand out (other than its amazing decor) is that it’s affordable luxury without all the bells and whistles. For example, there’s no bell boys or baby cots, but they do provide extra-large king-sized beds with Italian linen and a MoodPad tablet that lets you control everything in the room from the temperature to the window blinds.


NobleDEN Hotel

One of the things you’re going to love about the NobleDEN Hotel is its central location; the hotel is situated on the central border of the Lower East Side, Chinatown, Soho, Nolita, and Little Italy. This puts you in a prime location for exploring an array of attractions, restaurants, and boutique stores filled with trinkets. Inside the NobleDEN, you’ll find exceptional amenities such as a bedside minibar and extra storage at the foot of your bed which really a difference in your experience.


The Inn at Irving Place

With only eight exquisitely furnished rooms, The Inn at Irving Place can be found inside the heart of New York’s historical Gramercy Park. Housed within a landmark townhouse that was built in 1834, you’ll be surrounded by details that recreate a bygone era. Additional features and amenities include their lovingly restored grand staircase and fine bathroom amenities by Penhaligon. To ensure you have a comfortable stay, there are also modern amenities like an iPod docking station, wireless internet, and cable television.


Lefferts Manor

Lefferts Manor is an intimate, owner-operated inn that provides a peaceful place to stay in Brooklyn, New York. They have a handful of rooms, suites, apartments, and guest houses to choose from but one of their most popular is The Fitzgerald Room. It’s the largest room in the main house and is filled with rich details like a beautiful carved pine California-king bed, restored parquet flooring, and a huge hand-carved Indian coffee table that adds so much charm to the space. In fact, staying at any one of their rooms is a brand new experience because of all the detail you’ll find in it. It doesn’t hurt that Lefferts Manor is within walking distance to popular attractions like Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, and the subway which can take you into Manhattan.

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