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Hiring Experts in Window Cleaning & Cradle Services With Sigma and Hitachi Elevator Solutions

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We are the only exclusive leading specialist service provider in UAE, with over two decades of extensive experience in window cleaning cradle services. We pay attention to the safety measures but cover a plethora of benefits. Regular maintenance, preventive planned work, spare parts supply, repair, and installation are the service we provide. 

Due to the city’s recognizable skyscrapers and the demand for adequate vertical transportation, lift amenities are paramount in Dubai. In addition, elevators are necessary for smooth transitions between floors within the city’s many skyscrapers, which makes reaching higher levels easy and efficient. 

Elevators also play a vital function in guaranteeing seamless travel inside buildings throughout busy periods as Dubai endures rapidly growing populations and high pedestrian traffic.

Our highly skilled staff have good knowledge of solving technical issues, ensuring its quality performance. We serve multi-brand elevator services for Sigma and Hitachi brands. 

It increases the credibility of our security services with the brand’s image for which we offer facilities. We seek the trust of our potential customers by prioritizing their safety Sigma and Hitachi elevator services. 

You never know the occurrence of delays or disruptions in the elevator you’re boarding. For this, we ensure the elevator brand you deployed is functional and utilized to fulfill the customers’ specific needs to tackle the potential risks. As professionals in this sector for a long time, we know how essential lifts are to guarantee effective performance and easy access for people and companies. Our group of experienced professionals is capable of handling a variety of lift servicing and repairing tasks successfully. We offer quick, dependable, and affordable solutions for our clients. Over the years, we have served quality solutions. 

Our in-house safety managers maximize the safety of every façade access equipment we undertake for any service scheme. In addition, our experienced technical team provides extended product life for all window cleaning equipment under our maintenance scheme. 

Our dedicated window cleaning cradle services render good packages. We provide a great range of services from installation to maintenance of facade access. To implement a complete maintenance log for each façade access equipment under a periodic service scheme, when the usage of the BMU increases, our team correlates the duty cycle with the recurring preventive maintenance schedule. 

Our quality assurance has proved to be the leading specialist service provider. We have served our clients, who are delighted with the services offered by Sigma Elevator servicesIn addition, our in-house safety managers provide extensive training to all BMU or cradle operators to be prepared to act safely and efficiently during unpredictable emergencies. 

Elevators are also essential for Dubai’s booming leisure and hospitality sectors. Millions of tourists go to the city each year, and adequate lift amenities at lodgings, resorts, shopping centers, and tourist destinations help to make their stay enjoyable and available.

We are a certified company. Our professional technicians ensure that every part is well maintained and aligned during each service to reduce any future breakdown. Ensuring the equipment is well-maintained, well ahead, and in perfect working condition

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