Hinata Miyazawa Scores Two As Japan hammer Spain 4-0 to Set Up Norway Tie

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Japan have delivered a powerful statement with their impressive 4-0 defeat of Spain to top Group C at the Women’s World Cup and secure first place. Hinata Miyazawa scored twice either side of Riko Ueki’s goal to send Nadeshiko through to a last-16 tie against Norway.

Jun Endo opened the scoring in the 12th minute when his low cross from the left found its way directly into Miyazawa’s path and into the goal.

1. Miyazawa opened the scoring in the 12th minute

Jun Endo delivered an exquisite ball to Hinata Miyazawa around the corner, who showed incredible composure by taking her first touch off of her feet before sidefooting a finish under Misa Rodriguez for a fantastic start to their Asian champions campaign.

Mina Tanaka doubled Japan’s lead from another devastating counterattack. She reached Jun Endo’s cross with her left foot and shot low into the bottom corner for another powerful goal.

Spain were scattered and couldn’t cope with Japan’s relentless attack, leaving the European champions scrambling in the final third before losing possession within their own half and leaving Riko Ueki unmarked to have his deflected effort ruled out for offside but by then it was too late.


2. Miyazawa turned provider in the 29th minute

Hinata Miyazawa became Japan’s go-to provider in the 29th minute as they ran amok at Hamilton Stadium and left Spain utterly shocked. Their Nadeshiko players eased past Spain’s high press time after time on counterattack, leading 3-0 by halftime and sending a message that this title contender wouldn’t stand a chance against Japan at this World Cup tournament.

Honoka Hayashi and Risa Shimizu started for West Ham United, while substitute Momoko Tanaka added another goal eight minutes from time in front of 16,111 spectators.

Spain was in serious danger of not progressing past Group C after this defeat against Nadeshiko, with Alexia Putellas winning Ballon d’Or Feminin, record scorer Jennifer Hermoso and Barcelona star Aitana Bonmati all featuring. But their lack of creativity and poor defensive practices were exposed by Nadeshiko who finished top. Next weekend Spain will take on Norway in their first knockout round matchup.

3. Miyazawa blasted powerfully past Misa Rodriguez five minutes before the interval

Kenji Miyazawa was born in 1896 in Iwate Prefecture of Northern Japan and died two decades later, in 1933. As a poet, novelist, and essayist he championed transcendence between humans and nature, drawing inspiration from its awe-inspiring beauty and terrifying power to craft many of his literary works.

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Japan are one of only four teams remaining unbeaten in Group C, and will take on Norway in their last 16 clash on Saturday in Wellington. Finishing second would have led them into an Auckland match-up against Switzerland; Futoshi Ikeda’s side are clearly not content to go through to Auckland uncontested and take an easier path through to quarter-finals.

Miyazawa scored her first of two goals in the 12th minute after outpacing the defense to reach Jun Endo’s low cross and slotting it home. Later in the 29th minute she provided Riko Ueki with another assist for Nadeshiko’s second goal – this one deflecting off Irene Paredes en route – with substitute Mina Tanaka adding another one just two minutes later as Japan put on an outstanding display against last year’s European Championship runners-ups.

4. Miyazawa scored again three minutes before the break

Hinata Miyazawa scored twice to help former champions Japan pull off an outstanding counterattacking display and top Group C of the World Cup. Miyazawa cut through Spain’s high press with three lightning raids before 20,957 supporters in Wellington. Coach Futoshi Ikeda made five changes from their win against Zambia – Jun Endo and Mina Tanaka replacing Yui Hasegawa and Aoba Fujino respectively.

By half-time, Japan led Spain 3-0 and sent out a clear warning of their intentions at this World Cup title battle. Miyazawa and striker Riko Ueki each contributed two of the strikes while substitute Momoko Tanaka sealed a superb win with her late goal in the 82nd minute. They will face Norway again on Saturday while Spain heads back home to Auckland against Switzerland; Japan’s impressive performance suggests they could emerge as genuine contenders this time around.

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