Here’s Why Morning Is The Best Time of Day to Water Your Plants

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There’s no denying that plants are living creatures, but some people reckon that they can express gratitude, feel, and even communicate with us. Whether you are looking after your indoor or outdoor plants, you are well aware of how demanding, tiring, and detailed that work is. Various plants require special care and treatments, and if you strive to get the most out of them, you need to water them accordingly. Nobody would expect the plants to actually talk, but for them to bring us yield and numerous other things, watering them appropriately is a must.

Keen gardeners or plant enthusiasts might think they know all the tricks of the trade, but if you are a novice gardener or you simply wish to make your garden or potted plants thrive, you ought to learn some of those tricks. There are a few special rules on how you can upscale the health of your garden and one of them is watering the plants in the morning. Stay on the page to discover why morning is the best time of day to water your plants.

Water is the essence of life

Before we dwell upon the importance of watering in the morning, you need to know the basic rules of your garden. Plants need water so they could perform photosynthesis which is the process of transforming that water into much-needed sugar and oxygen when leaves get exposed to light. What’s more, water helps plants and planters grow and thrive while transforming the enriching nutrients into the plant and soil. Unless they are provided with enough water plants would be undernourished and could even die.

How much water is too much?

Plants, believe it or not, don’t like to be watered too much or too little. The balance of your watering would merely depend on the type of soil, quality, and size, the sun exposure, and the type of plants. One common rule implies that a vegetable garden or raised beds need around an inch of rain every week which implies they need to have sufficient water per week in order to grow uninterruptedly. When rain is scarce, or if you live in a hot climate like it is in Australia, you surely must water your garden and plants more frequently. Some plants, on the other hand, don’t like to be watered too often, and in that case, you should either move them from the common space or opt for some other watering solution.

Get the right watering gear

There are many ways to water your plants. First, you can always use a nice and practical watering can, but that could be a little bit impractical if you have a vast garden space. To ease up your task and stop going back and forth to fill the water can up, you could search for quality retractable hose reels to buy to make your watering task easier and more satisfying. By using a retractable hose reel you would be able easily to move around your backyard and reach some far places and also in between the plants and roots. Next, since in some warmer climates water can evaporate faster, you can opt for using a sprinkler, irrigation tape, or a soaker hose that would n a way do the watering job instead of you.

Morning watering routine

Watering your plants in the morning represents one of the best watering techniques, especially in the summertime. When the weather is hot, watering your garden in the afternoon or late evening would result in fast evaporation, which means that the plants won’t get sufficient water, plus they wouldn’t be able to benefit much from the matter. For that main reason and many others, it is utterly vital to water your plants in the morning so the soil could slowly but effectively soak all the water before the hotter afternoon hours. This is extremely crucial in warmer climates. If the days are cooler, then you won’t need to stick to this rule, and perhaps skip a day or two, depending on the plants. However, if you lead a hectic lifestyle and can’t seem to find time to water your plants in the morning, the second best option would be to water them in the early evening. When the weather is hot, it’s of utmost importance not to skip this watering routine.

When and how often to water your plants?

As it has already been determined that you must water the plants in the morning to boost their growth and health equally, there are other ways you could give your contribution. Besides keeping up with the frequency of watering plants, it’s important to check some signs that would help you how often you should water them. For instance, it is advisable to water more if the weather is windier than usual. Wind dries the soil faster and then you may need to water the plants more frequently. The same rule applies to rainy water. In case of heavy rainfall, you won’t need to water the plants that often no matter the time of the day or season. Rain would penetrate the soil much more effectively and then there won’t be a need for excessive watering. When it comes to container plants, the rules differ. Make sure that you water container plants at least twice a day in hot weather, especially in the morning.

Keep a watchful eye on new plants

In the end, if you happen to have new plants or you wish to plant some, you need to implement a different watering rule. Again, watering them more in the morning rather than any other part of the day is vastly vital. Roots are more gentle in the morning, and morning watering helps the roots grow faster because they are able to suck up water from larger premises. Furthermore, if you happen to touch the soil and when it feels dry and there aren’t any signs of wilting, then you need to water then. However, if the new plant looks way too wilted, then you should give it a deep soak.

All in all, in the end, try to follow the above-mentioned pieces of advice meticulously when it comes to watering your plants. Don’t skip the morning watering schedule for its numerous benefits, and always check what type of plant maintenance each plant requires separately.

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