Here Is Your Do’s And Don’ts Guide for Car Hazards Lights

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Have you ever wondered? Hazard lights have more usefulness than you might realise. Hazard lights are a great source of communication, specifically in troubled and complex situations. However, it is dependent on your knowledge of how to use hazard lights. It means that there should be a clear understanding about the right and wrong times to use a hazard light.

Usually, the hazard light should be used during a temporary stay on the road so that other drivers can be aware of your vehicle and make safe passage. Besides, vehicles need protection after a breakdown on the road or an unintentional crash. Though the discussion seems to end here, there are a lot of situations that might require you to switch on the hazard lights, especially on the road.

To keep you updated, the scenarios below will undoubtedly assist you in properly utilising such an important utility (hazard lights). At the end of this article, you will know about the right and wrong instances when there is a need for a hazard light or not.

When you should consider using hazard lights

While dealing with the flat tyre on the road

A flat tyre is an emergency that you can’t always avoid (even if you’d rather have a new set of tyres). However, you might become a potential hazard in such a situation while on the road. You should consider using the hazard light during a flat tyre change along a busy road. If you feel like dealing with the problem, never hesitate to ask for roadside assistance from Service My Car. In case you are living in Dubai and you are looking for a trusted car repair center for your car repair dubai, we would like to suggest you Service My Car, the best and trusted car workshop in Dubai.

While pulling over on a busy road

Whether there is a car problem or authorities on the road, there may be a need to pull over. Always use the hazard lights while pulling over. This sends positive signals to the concerned people as well as warnings to fellow vehicles to drive cautiously.

It might be a case that you need a tow because your car has broken down.  You’re waiting for help because your car has turned into a temporary hazard.  If you are unable to move your vehicle out of traffic, alert other drivers to your presence.

Having a car accident on the road

You are probably aware of the average highway speed for cars. When your car is involved in a traffic accident, it may be a bit problematic. In case, you might be able to move. If it’s not possible, simply flash your hazard lights to alert oncoming traffic of any casualties.

By flashing your hazard lights, you can let oncoming traffic know that you are in an accident or need assistance with your car.

While driving through a gathering of people

In the case of hazardous light utilisation scenarios, it may appear to be an exception. However, hazard lights work better in crowds than constant honking. In the case of a funeral procession, it is critical to use hazard lights.

When you should not consider using hazard lights

While driving through bad weather conditions

It may seem contradictory, but hazard lights do not work well in bad weather conditions. Especially in heavy rains, visibility would not be enough for other drivers to identify your car’s hazard lights. Instead, it is better to avoid driving in a troubled condition by pulling over safely and waiting until the condition improves.

While driving in heavy traffic

Hazard lights are a saviour in a number of situations, but they might put a unique challenge in front of you. It is difficult to predict your vehicle’s movement, and hazard lights can completely obscure turn signals. Therefore, other drivers can not anticipate the movement of your vehicle if there are hazard signals on.

During an unauthorised parking

However, you may think of using hazard lights when parking in an unauthorised place. But it is not the correct way, instead, go the extra mile and find a proper place for parking.

You should prefer a turn signal for safe passage, especially while escaping dense traffic or a highway. When the hazard lights are in use, you cannot use the turn signals, as highlighted already.

However, hazard lights are a great tool for drivers to use when there is a problem on the road. They synthesise safety for a vehicle while dealing with an emergency. However, it is entirely dependent on the owner’s knowledge of how to use a car’s hazard lights. However, you can also avoid certain accidents on the road by opting for car scanning and diagnostics at Service My Car. Such a service is definitely going to assist in identifying any problems with your car and addressing them in time.

Besides, you should also take care of routine car maintenance to avoid any breakdowns on the road. Service My Car offers you on-demand service for any car need. However, you can book a car service or order a car repair quote online at our website or app anytime.

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