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Hadley Palmer is an accomplished art historian, museum and non-profit executive, and philanthropist. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in History of Art and has been deeply involved in the art world through her positions at Christie’s Auction House, Sotheby’s International, and The Museum of Modern Art. As a philanthropist, she has made significant contributions to organizations like Save the Children and Shatterproof.

Early Life and Education

Hadley Palmer grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, and graduated from Hopkins School in 1986. She then went on to the University of Pennsylvania where she pursued her passion for art history. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History of Art in 1990, after writing her thesis on the renowned French artist Henri Matisse.

Career Path

During her studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Palmer gained early exposure to the art world by working as an intern at Sotheby’s International in Philadelphia from 1989 to 1990. She further expanded her practical knowledge by taking a position at Christie’s Auction House in New York City the following year, where she specialized in the Impressionism and Modern Department.

In February 1991, Palmer began her career at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. Starting out as a secretary in the Drawings Department – an opportunity she seized due to their work on the Matisse retrospective – she transitioned into the Department of Education. Through her dedication and passion, she worked her way up in the department, holding positions such as Head of Public Programs and eventually up to Assistant Director of the Department.

Upon choosing to start a family in May 1998, Palmer transitioned from being an employee to join the Education Board at MoMA. She served on this board with pride and commitment for over 15 years.

Parallel to her work at MoMA, to support her family before her husband became financially secure, Palmer also pursued a successful career as a real estate broker, earning recognition as a top producer.



Driven by her desire to give back to the community, Palmer is known for her extensive philanthropic efforts, which began as early as 1985.

Save the Children

She got involved with the global non-profit organization Save the Children as a volunteer in 1985. Her enduring support for the organization spans over three decades, financially contributing and actively involved in their initiatives. She has often traveled around the world, visiting areas such as the slums of Kenya, the Syria border, and Central America to offer hands-on help.


Upon hearing the founder of Shatterproof speak at an event, Palmer was moved to get involved. She also contributed financial aid to this organization which aims to address the addiction crisis in America. Her commitment to Shatterproof has continued for about eight years.

Personal Life

When not working or volunteering, Palmer is a dedicated mother to four children. Despite her demanding profession and various philanthropic pursuits, family remains a focal point in her life.

Additionally, she has a wide range of other interests that show not just her love of art but also sports and her alma mater. Palmer is an ardent fan of the Jets, an American football team. Past lacrosse player herself, Palmer has maintained her affinity with the game by supporting the Women’s Lacrosse Team from the University of Pennsylvania.

An art lover at heart, she has a special interest in black and white photography.


In a world where art and compassion intersect, Hadley Palmer shines through. Her journey from an art history student to executive positions in distinguished art organizations, supplemented by her philanthropic efforts that spread across continents, portrays her dedication towards both the artistic and human cause. As an art historian, professional, mother, and philanthropist, Palmer encapsulates a balance between her personal interests, professional pursuits, and social responsibilities. Her life’s work stands as a testament to her passion for both art and humanity.

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