Get more followers on Instagram: 9 helpful tips.

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In 2023, the Instagram platform continued to gain in importance. It doesn’t matter whether you are an entrepreneur, blogger or influencer: used correctly, the app can help you achieve more reach and thus more customers. However, you can only succeed with the app if you have reached a corresponding number of Instagram followers, i.e., users who subscribe to and follow your activities. Luckily, there are many ways you can get more followers on Instagram for free without having to buy any. We present 20 tips that you can use to attract more users to your Instagram account over the long term.

There are numerous methods on the Internet on how to increase the number of followers with a few tricks. You often read the tips to buy Instagram followers – but we would advise against that. While buying Instagram followers is a legal way to increase your subscriber count, they are not real users. The result: They don’t like or comment on your posts and will never buy a product from you.

  1. Choose a suitable profile picture

It sounds like a self-evident tip at first, but the effect of this tip should be considered. Your profile picture, be it a private or company account, should consistently be recognized immediately by other users. So, choose an image that goes with the rest of your Instagram feed so users know what to expect from your profile. If you have a company account, it goes without saying that you should use your logo in sound quality as a profile picture.

  1. Use a unique name

The name of your account must also be immediately conclusive for the user. In the best case, your profile name is also your real name or your company’s name. This way, you can be sure that you will also be found in the Instagram search if a user enters your name and that you will get more Instagram followers for free. Your username, which can be specified separately, should also be your real name or your company’s name.

  1. Complete the biography

To complete the first impression of your profile, the biography of the account should also be filled out completely. This is located directly below your profile picture and is intended to tell users what to expect on your profile. It makes sense to provide a short description with the most important terms. You can also use a location or a unique hashtag for this.

  1. Use the right photos

The Instagram platform got its start in sharing pictures – it is, therefore, essential to post high-quality images. They are the first thing the user sees and decide whether the user looks at other images of you.

High-quality means, for example, that the photos are not blurry and well-lit. Many people use Instagram for inspiration; your images should set a good example. It doesn’t matter what topic you post pictures on. Issues with which you can pick up on the latest trends are best suited for this. It is essential for your images that they attract the attention of the users. This is essential to stay aware of the mass of ideas, especially if you want to catch up with the latest trends.

  1. Use the story feature

Instagram’s Stories feature is now just as popular, if not more so, than the regular image posts. With this function, images and videos can be put together in a slide show that deletes itself after 24 hours. On the one hand, this function is practical because it is still displayed above the regular image feed and is, therefore, the first thing that catches the eye as soon as the app is opened. On the other hand, Instagram Stories allows you to give your Instagram followers a better look behind the scenes and thus present yourself more authentically. The story function only offers advantages: the videos and images are produced quickly and are often viewed by users more often than average image posts. In addition to the standard photos, they bring an excellent extra range,

  1. Use competitor’s subscribers to get more Instagram followers

Of course, it is essential always to fill your profile with new postings to gain new Instagram followers for free. However, it also offers a great advantage in actively searching for new potential followers.

Look around Instagram for successful channels that serve the same audience as you. Now click on the number of subscribers, and you have a massive list of people who have the potential to be interested in your product or content. It would help if you now interacted with these people so that they become aware of you. This can happen, for example, by liking or commenting on their posts. After all, everyone is happy to receive positive feedback.

  1. Don’t neglect your subscribers

Contact with your subscribers is necessary, if not more important than interacting with other users. Reply to comments or like them so your Instagram followers can see that you read and care about the words. This will also make it easier for you to get your products to people. You prefer to buy products from someone you like and trust.

  1. Stay true to your topic with the feed

Of course, adding a bit of variety to your Instagram feed is tempting. But if you deviate too much from your core topic with your pictures, you will lose subscribers rather than gain them in the long run. The users landed on your Instagram account because they were interested in your topic. In addition, your feed should create a harmonious overall picture. So, look at your profile: do the pictures match? Do the colours match? Do you have two very similar images next to each other? These are all just little things, but in the end, they can make a decisive difference in whether a user stays on your profile.

  1. Use the right hashtags

Instagram hashtags help users find the content that interests them the most. You can use hashtags to search for specific topics, and the accounts showing relevant content are displayed.

Hashtags are essential to increase your reach and, thus, your Instagram followers for free. Unfortunately, not all hashtags work equally well on every image. Of course, there are popular hashtags that are searched for by many users, but pictures often get lost in the crowd as a result. Here, it makes sense to take the hashtags that best describe the image and are frequently searched for by your target group. So think carefully about which target group you want to reach and what interests they have to adapt your hashtags precisely to them.

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