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Guess Glasses

Gear Up for 2024 with the Trendiest Half-Rim Guess Glasses

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In the realm of eyewear, half-rim glasses stand out, embodying a unique blend between full-rim and rimless designs. Previously underrated, the half-rim look has emerged as a style icon for many fashion enthusiasts, poised to dominate the 2024 fashion charts.


Half-Rim Styles Poised for 2024

Metal Gold Semi-Rim Eyewear – GUESS GU50044 Frames

The combination of metallic tones and gold exudes regal charm. With a futuristic nose bridge design and sleek golden top bar, these wayfarer-style glasses provide an alluring, hypnotic impact, perfect for both work settings and social gatherings.


Square Semi-Rim Glasses – GUESS GU2878

Detail meets beauty with the expert use of black and matte black colors. This design presents a contrast that draws attention, making it a versatile and stylish choice for women seeking a sophisticated perspective, seamlessly adaptable to any wardrobe.


Durable Half-Rim Glasses – GUESS GU50005

Balancing comfort and style, these glasses offer a straightforward, innovative design, providing a light and carefree feel. The sleek black metal frame makes them reliable for professional use, ideal for easing work-related tension.


Half-Rim Round Glasses – GUESS GU2866

Embracing a timeless vintage style, these slim, black and gold framed glasses draw attention to angular features, making them suitable for individuals with square or diamond-shaped faces. An ideal choice for any occasion.


Half-Rimmed Rectangular Glasses – GUESS GU50007-D

Displaying a modern touch, these rectangular glasses break the monotony associated with this style. The standard black frame with a thicker bridge complements round faces, making them versatile for various settings.


Rectangle Cat-Eye Semi-Rim Glasses – GUESS GU2879

Combining the charm of the cat-eye with the elegance of rectangular frames, these glasses support gender parity in the workplace. Their Bordeaux frame adds a sophisticated touch suitable for any scenario.


Cat-Eye Semi-Rim Eyeglasses – GUESS GM0373

A blend of beauty and angles, these glasses exemplify elegance and detail with their Shiny Bordeaux, black, Pale Gold, and Dark Havana contrast. Versatile and adaptable, they complement a variety of clothing styles. Your Destination for Half-Rim Guess Glasses offers a diverse collection of half-rim frames, catering to varied styles and preferences. From wire-rimmed glasses to a wide range of fashionable choices, we provide an extensive array of options. Collaborating with reputable manufacturers, we assure you’ll find the ideal pair of half-rim Guess glasses that match your style and personality.


Explore our inventory for the latest in eyewear trends and find the perfect half-rim Guess glasses for yourself at

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