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French Doors with Security and Protection without Compromising Style

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French doors have long been recognized for their timeless elegance and ability to let in natural light. However, some homeowners may be afraid that the beauty of French doors may undermine their capacity to provide necessary protection. Fortunately, technological and design developments have made it feasible to improve the security of French doors without compromising their attractiveness.

Authentic Timber Windows Ltd is a well-known woodworking firm that specializes in making high-quality French doors. Because of its timeless elegance and ability to provide a seamless link between interior and outdoor areas, French doors are a popular option among homeowners. However, some homeowners may be concerned about the susceptibility of wooden doors when it comes to house security. In this post, we’ll look at how Authentic Timber Windows Ltd keeps their French doors secure while maintaining their design and visual appeal.

High-Quality Materials:

For your French doors, We prioritizes security by employing high-quality materials. We use quality wood from sustainable sources to ensure the strength and longevity of the doors. The manufacturer builds a strong foundation for a safe door by using tough wood species such as oak or mahogany. This dedication to employing high-quality materials guarantees that consumers obtain French doors that not only look great but also safeguard their houses. With our emphasis on quality, homeowners can be confident that their French doors will last while improving the security of their living areas.

Reinforced Frames & building:

To increase security, We uses reinforced frame building techniques. The doors are precisely made with numerous layers of wood, resulting in a solid and resilient construction. This multilayer design helps to minimize warping and bending, ensuring that the doors retain their integrity over time.

Furthermore, Our team of experts employs innovative joinery techniques such as mortise and tenon joints, which provide strength and stability to the door frames. These solutions offer a secure link between the various components, lowering the possibility of forced access.

Multipoint Locking Systems:

Authentic Timber Windows Ltd recognizes the necessity of strong locking mechanisms in assuring the security of French doors. Our team adds multipoint locking mechanisms into its door designs to improve security. Multiple locking points run the length of the door, dispersing force equally and making it exceedingly difficult for attackers to force the doors open.

Hooks or bolts that contact the door frame at many locations to form a secure barrier are common features of multipoint locking systems. We guarantee that these locking mechanisms blend perfectly into the door design, preserving the aesthetic appeal while delivering optimum security.

Security Glass Options:

When it comes to security, glass panels in French doors might be a possible weak point. Our expert solves this issue by providing a variety of security glass alternatives for its French doors. Laminated glass and toughened glass are two choices that are meant to withstand impact and lessen the likelihood of break-ins.

Laminated glass is made up of two or more layers of glass bound together by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. This design guarantees that even if the glass is smashed, the interlayer holds it together, making it impossible for attackers to gain entrance.

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is manufactured by heating, and cooling the glass to improve its strength. Toughened glass shatters into small, generally harmless fragments when shattered, minimizing the danger of damage, and making it more difficult for attackers to break through.

Additional Security elements:

In addition to the natural security elements stated above, Authentic Timber Windows Ltd offers extra alternatives to strengthen the protection afforded by their French doors. These characteristics are as follows:

Security hinges: The firm offers security hinges that are resistant to tampering and forced entrance. These hinges are built to endure a lot of strain and keep the doors securely linked to the frame.

Cylinder locks: We provides high-quality cylinder locks for added security. These locks include improved anti-pick and anti-drill systems, making them more resistant to typical means of forced entry.

Security bars and grilles: The firm may insert security bars or grilles into the design of the French doors for clients desiring additional protection. These choices add an added layer of security without sacrificing the doors’ visual appeal.


When it comes to French doors, Authentic Timber Windows Ltd knows the necessity of security without sacrificing its classic design. Our company ensures that our French doors not only enhance the beauty of a home but also provide a robust level of security by using high-quality materials, employing reinforced frame construction techniques, incorporating multipoint locking systems, offering security glass options, and providing additional security features.

Our experts team devoted to providing French doors that give greater security without sacrificing style, whether it’s via the strength and longevity of the materials used, the dependability of the locking mechanisms, or the inclusion of security glass alternatives. Homeowners may enjoy the beauty and peace of mind that come with our safe French doors.

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