Looking for the Best Local Hangouts for York University Students

Exploring the Best Local Hangouts for York University Students

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In an attractive and historic city, York University is a top-tier teaching and research institution. A York student has the option of going to museums, taking a river or ghost tour, or visiting historical sites. Learn more about the walled city’s attractions by reading on!

Timbers Lodge Social Grill

A relatively new restaurant called Timbers Lodge Social Grill opened to take the place of Shopsy’s.

With a wide range of food and drink options at reasonable prices, it is without a doubt one of the most well-liked places among students. Conveniently situated on the west side of York Lanes Mall is Timbers Lodge Social Grill.

El Dorado Rush Sports Bar and Restaurant

Ten minutes east of York University is a neighbourhood pub called El Dorado Rush Sports Pub and Restaurant. At 4801 Keele Street, on the northeast corner of the junction of Keele and Chimneystack, is where you’ll find El Dorado Rush Sports Bar and Restaurant. This place is conveniently located near student accommodation York.

Fox and a Fiddle

One of the well-known franchise restaurants close to York University is Fox & Fiddle, or more precisely, Fox on Finch. Everything you could want is here to suit your tastes. With a wonderful assortment of cocktails and mixologists eager to build a cocktail for your preferences, this restaurant offers an outstanding food menu that includes salads, burgers, sandwiches, wings, and more. At 1285 Finch Avenue West, Fox & Fiddle is conveniently close to the Finch West tube station.

The Fireside Lounge

Within the CFT (Centre for Film and Theatre), the Fireside Lounge offers a comfortable nook with wall-sized artwork, plush armchairs, coffee tables, and wide windows that flood the area with warm sunlight. If you dare face the lengthy queue at Starbucks, the Fireside Lounge, right across from it, is a nice place to enjoy your coffee and take in the year-round sunshine.

CFA Lobby

A collection of sofas, benches, tables, and chairs can be found in the lobby of the Joan and Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, which is only a short distance from the Fireside Lounge. Feel free to visit the SAM centre while you’re there to say hello to the helpful SAMs or to look at the Special Projects’ current exhibitions.

TEL Cafe Seating Area

The Victor Philip Dahdaleh Building, formerly known as the TEL building, lies outside and across Fine Arts Road. There are many tables and chairs just past the doors on the left for those looking to catch up with friends or eat lunch. Conveniently, there is a nearby cafe with a wide selection of food options to satisfy any craving or dietary requirement.

Film Lounge

The Film Lounge is a hidden retreat in the Centre for Film and Theatre, located on the ground floor’s East hallway. Although the majority of the students here are studying cinema, there is frequently more space for other students to use.

Martin Family Lounge

The Martin Family Lounge, located on the second floor of the Accolade East Building, is a terrific location to relax between classes and, more significantly, makes for a fantastic rehearsal area. The lounge has a second story with more couches, tables, and seats in addition to the roomy bottom floor and a stairway that goes there.

Upper Floors of Student Centre

The Student Centre is well renowned for its extensive selection of dining options and it’s ample first- and second-floor seating. Few people are aware that the third and fourth floors of the Student Centre can be reached by ascending the large spiral staircase at the West end of the building. Offices for clubs and organisations like the York Federation of Students are located on these top floors, and there are also numerous couches and benches on both ends of each floor right beside large windows. Students are frequently spotted studying, hanging out with friends, or catching a brief nap in between classes.

Scott Library’s second floor

The Scott Library’s second level is furnished with a variety of desks, seats, and armchairs. With a book and some headphones, you may spend some quiet time here alone to catch up on work or study. While you’re there, feel free to stop by the Learning Commons where you may get help with a range of things like choosing a job, overcoming learning challenges, and writing.


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