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Everything You Need to Know About Luggage

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A good suitcase can last years or even decades, so it’s important to choose one that will serve you well, whether you’re jetting off to a faraway destination or road-tripping to your favourite British seaside spot.

Ideally, your luggage should improve your travel experience, fitting in everything you need without becoming too heavy or difficult to manoeuvre. And of course, it should be sturdy enough that you can trust it will protect your possessions.

To take the mystery out of right luggage shopping, the Good Housekeeping Institute has tried and tested a huge range of suitcases from leading brands and pulled together this helpful guide detailing everything you need to know about buying your next case.

right luggage

Size and Weight: Select a right luggage that complies with airline regulations and suits your travel needs. Consider both the dimensions and the weight of the suitcase. Material: Hard-sided luggage made from polycarbonate or polypropylene is durable and provides excellent protection.

Sure, let’s cover the essential aspects of luggage:

  1. Types of Luggage:
    • Suitcases: Rigid, rectangular cases usually with a handle and wheels.
    • Backpacks: Worn on the back, often used for casual or outdoor travel.
    • Duffel Bags: Soft-sided, cylindrical bags with handles, suitable for sports or casual trips.
    • Travel Totes: Roomy, open-top bags, often used for carry-on items.
    • Garment Bags: Designed to transport hanging clothes, often used for business trips.
  2. Materials:
    • Hard-shell: Durable and protective, often made of polycarbonate or ABS.
    • Soft-shell: More flexible, often made of fabrics like nylon or polyester.
  3. Size and Capacity:
    • Check airline regulations for carry-on and checked luggage sizes.
    • Consider the length of your trip and pack accordingly.
  4. Wheels and Handles:
    • Spinner Wheels: 360-degree rotating wheels for easy maneuverability.
    • Inline Skate Wheels: Roll straight and are generally more durable.
    • Telescopic Handles: Retractable handles for easy pulling or pushing.
  5. Zippers and Locks:
    • Quality Zippers: Look for robust zippers to avoid breakage.
    • Built-in Locks: Some suitcases have integrated combination or key locks.
  6. Weight:
    • Lightweight luggage is crucial, especially for air travel with weight restrictions.
  7. Compartments and Pockets:
    • Inner compartments help with organization.
    • Exterior pockets for quick access to essential items.
  8. Durability:
    • Consider the durability of materials, especially if you travel frequently.
    • right luggage
  9. Special Features:
    • Expandability: Some suitcases have zippers that allow for extra space.
    • Tech Integration: Charging ports or tracking devices.
    • Water Resistance: Useful for protecting contents in various weather conditions.
  10. Brands and Reviews:
    • Research luggage brands and read reviews for insights into quality and durability.
  11. Maintenance:
    • Clean your right luggage after trips, and store it properly to increase its lifespan.
  12. Travel Security:
    • Be cautious about overpacking; check weight limits to avoid fees.
    • Consider using a right luggage tags for identification.
  13. Warranty:
    • Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
  14. Personalization:
    • Make your luggage easily identifiable with unique tags or distinctive markings.
  15. Environmental Considerations:
    • Look for sustainable and eco-friendly luggage options.

In summary, choosing the right luggage involves considering your travel needs, the duration of your trips, and the features that will make your travel experience more convenient and enjoyable. Researching and investing in quality luggage can save you from inconveniences in the long run.

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