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I have no evidence that they have gone ahead to pursue this goal in

this moment. Of course, I haven’t been to Israel in over a year due to the blockade by

the corona virus; but I really don’t think the temple is being rebuilt yet. But

yes I think they are certainly preparing for the rebuilding of the temple and I will tell you that

Probably the main promoter of the construction of the third temple is Rabbi Chaim

Richman, he is the CEO of the temple institute and I asked him face to face:

“Rabbi, when the government calls you to say that everything is ready, you can build the

temple, how long would it take?”

He told me that they think they can do it in a year. So that’s all I can

tell them and as I say, he is probably the most influential person in the construction of the

temple in all Israel. So, no, I don’t think they have it yet. However, what


Yes, with total security.


OK thanks. And I thought President Trump did very well last night. I pray that it be

chosen but my husband who is not a believer i mean he says he is just a christian

recently converted, who does not know about the prophecy of the end times. He was like:

“We are doomed, we are doomed.”

And I thought that as long as He is sitting on the throne of my heart, as God is still the

God of my life, I will be safe, and I will do the right thing and what is your opinion on the debate of

last night.

Well I read this morning that the breaking news is that President Trump now has

a 51% approval rating. It’s the first time he’s had that mark in a long, long time.


Every presidential candidate who has had a 51% approval rating so

near elections they have always won.

So it seems to me that President Trump is actually going to win. There were many things that

they were very damaging to Vice President Biden in last night’s debate; every time I know

mentioned the information about the laptop belonging to his son Hunter, and

especially, I think I have the name of the person who actually made a presentation,

his name is Tony Bobulinsky and he did an interview just before the debate.


He claims that he was in the business deal with Hunter Biden and also with Joe Biden. It states

that he actually met with Joe Biden for over an hour, but it was stipulated that the

Joe Biden’s name would never appear in any email or writing, which always

it would remain hidden due to its position. So but he said he was the important guy

that it was in the Hunter Biden emails and also claimed it was in all

these things.

And I think he will appear before Congress tomorrow or the day after. So this is a great

history; if it turns out to be true, it could blow up President Biden’s candidacy. Already

You know, a lot of people are debating this and that, and they say, they don’t even know for sure,

we listen to everything.

All I can tell you is that I heard Vice President Biden with my own ears.

say to the government of Ukraine: ‘look, if you want the billion dollars that are supposed to

that the United States should give them, they should fire the prosecutor; I’m talking about the prosecutor

he was investigating the company his son Bo Biden worked for.


And he said: “if they don’t fire the prosecutor in 6 hours, they won’t receive the billion dollars.”

They gave in and fired the prosecutor and got the billion dollars.

Now forget about all the other noise. Focus on this, for me, and I listened to

Biden say it with his own voice. It was broadcast repeatedly and was obviously

forcing the Ukrainian government to do what he said. And also protecting her son now

Burisma, which was the company his son worked for, and they fired the prosecutor, who at that time

was currently investigating Burisma and possibly threatening the position of his



Well, that never happened because he got fired; so just that incident, forget about it

all the other noises, to me, that was so damning.

Right, totally agree. And I thought that everything about the covid, everything that the Lord says

Biden that must be done, and in the end we have been doing it since May with the plexiglass;

I mean I presume this was standard across the US so no

I’m pretty sure what he thought he was going to accomplish last night, with these things already underway.

and they have been running. So, I thought our president did very well last night.

Yes. That’s how it was. She did much better this time than in the first debate, when she lowered the

speed and took his 2 minutes to address the issues; I thought it did a job


So, I’m very grateful.


Now, when you talk about the corona virus, you know, this is the option; or we open everything

we can as fast as we can or we shut everything down. If we shut everything down like we did

once, that had disastrous effects.

President Trump is right to say, “we can’t do that again.” The remedy is

worse than disease; so consequently I thought he definitely took the

correct positions at that particular point. I know that the Vice President has said that if the

experts told him to shut everything down, he would shut everything down again.

Well, it’s ruined our economy; So President Trump is saying, “We’re not going

to do that again; we now know enough about this virus, we know how

deal with it, we know how to deal with it. Yes. It is a problem, but we are developing the

therapeutic, we are developing vaccines right now.” And then he said: “I will not return to

shut down our country.” So, I thought that most Americans probably

they would agree to that.


Yeah. I live near Chicago and yesterday they said on the news, I think it was the mayor or whatever;

that said there was a plan that Chicago would never fully open up, that they don’t want

let people come; they will not have people in their house, except the people who live in their house. EITHER

if they are daycare workers or something. They don’t even want us to have cousins,

relatives at home if not living at home. And I thought they were even telling people to

who can have in their own home. And people need to wake up and see that this is

too much. It’s too much.

Well, there certainly is a danger that our most precious freedoms will be taken away from us. The day

Thanksgiving is coming up, and Mr. Fauci says, “You shouldn’t invite your family over for

the Thanksgiving”.

Well, for me, if they know their close relatives don’t have the virus, why not?


Why throw out the baby with the bath water?

And there was one thing that I thought was really important, that just struck me, and

That’s when this story came out about this man Tony Bobulinski who had worked with

Hunter Biden and with Joe Biden and he was spilling everything and Twitter blocked all this news

and anyone who posted that had their account suspended. The same thing happened with

Facebook. I mean, speaking of censorship. They are determining what we should read or what

that we shouldn’t read

United Kingdom

  • Sunday, Sky Channel, Faith UK, CH 595, 10:00 AM BST/GMT



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