Do You Know The Best Time To Have Sex?

Do You Know The Best Time To Have Sex?

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Before You Decide, Consider The ‘box Theory. Many singles wonder when to have their first sex. They worry that sleeping with someone for too long will make them look like a one-nighter, but if they wait too long the person may lose interest.

“She hopes that her “box theory” can help “rebrand dating” from “just a way to an end” into “an era for self-discovery.”

The book is aimed at women, and Tinx says in the book she’s “staying on my very straight lane” and “writing what I know”, but much of the advice is still useful regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

She writes: “My message is about self-worth, and prioritizing happiness in your own life. If that’s what you want more of, then you are welcome to join us.”

Tinx says that those who are dating should “act as you wish at the moment. If you feel like you want to sleep with someone, then you should do so.” You can wait if you wish but don’t try to manipulate someone by withholding (sex).

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Who Is Tinx?

Her videos are mostly casually shot, either lying on her bed or standing up in her kitchen while holding a small Lavalier mic as she shares her personal stories and life advice.

Online, some viewers have compared her to a “virtual big sister” who gives advice on life and love. Tinx considers this role “a massive privilege.”

She tells USA Today, “I feel lucky that people trust with me their problems.” “I feel lucky every single day that I have the opportunity to interact with these incredible women and girls, who trust me to ask these questions.”

What Is The Box Theory?

Tinx shared her first “box theory” via social media in 2021. It was based on her “misadventures”, and the time she spent “chasing validation from men” during her 20s.

She explains that when a man meets a woman in a romantic situation – like on a dating application date or a blind date – he will place her into one of three categories: he either wants to date her or sleep with her.

She continues: “If he is interested in dating you, then he will want to do so no matter what your actions or words are.” You can manipulate him into a date, but it won’t work.

Tinx believes that box theory is “empowering and liberating” to many, even though it may seem simplistic.

She says, “You shouldn’t manipulate someone to want to date you.” You shouldn’t because everyone deserves to be obsessed and interested in someone. Everyone can have that if they don’t accept less.

What Is Reverse Box Theory?

The reverse box theory was designed to bring hopeless romantics into the fold.

Tinx says that women often put men into the “date box” before they are ready. Tinx says that a girl may see a man on a dating site and think, “Oh my God, this guy will be my husband.” … You know little about him. 

You have just created this image of someone in your mind. It is important to wait and see how someone makes you feel before deciding whether they are worthy of being in the “date box”.

She says, “Dating is supposed to be fun.” It should be an exciting time of exploration. It’s not a failure to have a second date. “A date is a failure only if you learn nothing about yourself.”

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