Custom Product Boxes

Designing Ideas For Eye-catchy Custom Product Boxes

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Custom product boxes are the packaging solution for diverse kinds of products available in the market. Companies invest in customized products instead of choosing plain cartons as packages to satisfy customers and provide them with a great experience with their brand. 

Custom boxes are versatile in nature and can be designed to meet different requirements of products and companies. In this article, we will discuss the vitality and specific design ideas to create product packaging. Whatever design you pick, you must ensure that your product remains the visual representation of your product. 

Vitality Of Custom Product Boxes

The foremost and crucial reason why custom packaging is getting popular is that you can customize your product packaging boxes in any size, shape, and color. Attractive finishes, colors, and illustrations increase the visually appealing outlook of your product. Personalized options grant unforgettable experiences to customers. 

You can choose high-quality material in custom boxes for products, ensuring your product is not crushed or broken during transportation. All these vital factors guarantee customer satisfaction leading to growing your sales in leaps and bounds.  

Designing Ideas:

Here are the essential designing strategies that you need to implement while manufacturing product packaging:

Eco-friendly Labelling:

Nowadays, customers’ awareness regarding global warming has increased. Therefore, brands are now shifting their priorities. Most brands use durable and sustainable stock such as cardboard and kraft in product boxes because it keeps your products unharmed. 

If you are also picking these materials, always give eco-friendly labeling on your product packaging. Same if you are labeling your product display boxes then you need to make sure your brand’s slogans along with environmentally friendly material. By labeling, you can highlight your brand’s contribution to saving nature and get a rise in your customers. 

Essential Details:

Customers want to know different aspects regarding their products. For instance, if someone buys an epilator for the first time, they may need instructions about how to use it. 

Therefore, your product boxes must contain essential details. Ensure that there is no spelling mistake whenever you are giving any description on the boxes. Spelling mistakes and unreadable typography leaves a negative impression on the customers. 


You can avail of different decorative add-ons while personalizing your product packaging boxes. Add-ons such as embossing and foilings serve as embellishments for your containers. 

Embossing gives a 3D effect to your box by raising the specific portion of your packaging. On the other hand, foiling means applying a golden or silver metallic layer at the surface of the packaging.  Customers often buy luxurious and unique items.


There are different coating options that you can choose while customizing your boxes. Coatings like laminations and varnishes are crucial for soft touch glossy look and provide extra protection to the boxes. 

If you will keep an edible item in your custom printed product boxes, you must go for a food-grade coating. You can include a Spot UV coating to prevent any harmful effects of sun rays. 

Play With Colors And Styles:

Make your boxes attractive by playing with different colors and shapes. You should also keep the uniqueness in your packaging from other products. To this end, you can use different styles, such as die-cut windows, handle boxes, con sleeve style, and triangular-shaped packaging. 

A box for a product should be customized according to the item you will keep inside. Candy in a large box will look unattractive instead of enticing the customers. Likewise, you should also put those illustrations to enhance its visual outlook that aligns with your product. 


You must use a product box as an advertising tool to differentiate your products and make potential customers. When you are utilizing the branding elements such as your company’s details and logo, you should never copy the font and colors from other brands. If you are designing your product display boxes and not copying anyone, this will be the most impactful act for your business. You need to be different and unique to get successful. 

Sum Up:

The article provides you with specific tips to design custom product boxes. We suggest you give eco-friendly labeling and important product information. Pick your colors while putting your logo instead of copying from others. 

Moreover, you can incorporate embossing or foiling to draw the eyes of customers. Coatings can also give the impression to the customers that your brand puts extra value in providing durable packaging. Play with different styles and colors to get their attention. 

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