Dental insurance that covers dental implants: which is the best?
Dental insurance that covers dental implants: which is the best?

Dental insurance that covers dental implants: which is the best?

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Dental insurance that covers dental implants: which is the best?

Having contracted dental insurance that covers dental implants is a great advantage for those moments in which we have to resort to implantology to solve our oral problem, a specialty that is not covered by social security.

The vast majority of companies that offer dental insurance deal with implantology and prosthetics within their wide range of services.

Of course, to enjoy this coverage there are a series of conditions that you are interested in knowing before choosing the insurance that is best for you.

In this analysis, we bring you a selection of 5 dental insurances that cover dental implants. We also tell you what services and coverage are covered by this type of insurance, user opinions about them and how to find the one that is best for you. In addition, we answer the most common questions.

If you want to speed up your search for the ideal dental insurance for you and your loved ones even more, fill out the following form and you will get a free comparison of the main ones we have in Spain. In addition, you can count on the help of our expert dental insurance advisors, who will directly answer any questions you may have about dental insurance and orthodontics. Dental Insurance That Covers Implants And Dentures

Why take out dental insurance that covers implants?

Dental insurance that covers implants arises to offer its insured at a lower price a service that if contracted outside of dental policies is expensive.

This type of insurance is contracted for the following purposes :

  • Save on the price of implants.
  • Have high-quality features.
  • Being able to afford to go to the best centers.
  • Access a large number of different treatments by paying a specific monthly fee.

Coverage and services of dental policies with implants

Treatment with implants is not limited exclusively to when the prostheses are placed but consists of various phases and procedures, among which are the following:

  • Implantology study
  • splints
  • Reviews and maintenance
  • Readjustment of implants once a year
  • Placement of the bridge or single crown.

Dental policies that cover implants provide two types of guarantee in the implantology specialty: on the one hand, there are free acts, and on the other, franchised services. We tell you what each type consists of below.

Acts without cost in implantology

All dental insurances have a series of free acts, which are those that do not imply any additional cost to the insured (beyond what they pay for the policy). This, regardless of the number of times these services are used (unless otherwise indicated, for example oral cleanings are usually limited to one per year per beneficiary).

Normally, there are services that come free of the different specialties, but implantology, to a lesser extent.

Generally, all insurers cover at least the first consultation with the implantologist , which in turn includes the study. Some also offer other free benefits in implantology (screws, revisions, splints, etc.).

Franchised services for dental implants

In a dental insurance that covers implantology, the franchised services for dental implants are those that the beneficiary has to pay separately. Instead of paying the standard price like any uninsured person, you pay a lower price for the benefit.

Therefore, dental treatments can be hired that represent a significant investment and save a considerable amount of money. Some rates can get up to 50% discount.

Characteristics to take into account of dental insurance with implantology

In addition to looking at the free and franchised acts of implantology that have an insurance policy that interests you, it is convenient that you observe the following characteristics. devops automation 

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