Personal Statement Writing Myths by Experts

Debunking the Personal Statement Writing Myths by Experts

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You are applying to the university of your dreams, but drafting a personal statement is becoming a hurdle. If yes, then you must stop believing some of the myths that might become a struggle in your path. Yes, you read it right; there are several misconceptions in the field. Thus, in this write-up by the experts of personal statement writing service, you will be debunking them. Moreover, before revealing the truth, you must have an overview of the document.

What Is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a document or a brief summary. It is submitted to the selection committee of the university you are applying to. It is a crucial document that you need to construct ideally to secure your position in your dream institution. Moreover, this essay includes the details that are not there in your resume. It is your best opportunity to showcase your skills and knowledge that opens the doors to the university you want to enrol in. So, you need to create a personal statement that reflects you as a person and includes the capabilities that make you a right fit for the particular institute.

So, now you know what a personal statement is and the importance it holds in academics. Moreover, it is time to explore the pointers that are not true of this document. Thus, the following section will help you explore the myths that are common for this type of write-up.

Myths About Personal Statement

There are several misconceptions that students believe about personal statements, but they are not accurate and might let you make mistakes. Thus, in this section, you will demystify the myths that you might be believing:

You Must Include all the Challenges You Have Faced in Detail

It is one of the most common myths that is believed to be true by several students that, including the long list of challenges faced in academic careers will help them. But the fact is that you must include only those who have helped you to grow academically. Moreover, you must explain these struggles in brief, ensuring you provide only a gist of the situation. In addition, you must also include the ways through which you overcame them and how it helped you to grow.

You Must Include As Many Accomplishments As Possible

Another myth that is common among students is that you must include all the accomplishments that you have achieved till date. But the truth is that you must only mention those who have a significant influence on your academic journey. These might include the times when you managed your team effectively, helped someone to overcome the challenges they faced in their academic tasks and more. Besides this, a personal statement follows the saying, “less is more”, so you need to keep it to the point and make it effective.

It Must be Like a Resume That Includes Everything

A personal statement is not a resume, and it is not even a part of it. So, if you are also believing this myth, then you must stop it right now. However, a personal statement is an additional document created along with the resume that includes extra information that is not there in your resume. So, while drafting this, you must include the information that you cannot mention in the resume. These include the experiences, challenges and more that came along the way while following your dream career.

You Need to be a Creative Writer to Ace It

Another popular myth that students consider to be true is that you need to be a creative writer to craft an appropriate personal statement. However, the fact is that you just need to be yourself while working on it. It means you do not have to copy someone or something to draft an ideal one. Thus, the more you keep is low-key, the more you will impress your committee members. It means you must present yourself in the way you are and not include anything just to impress the committee.

There Is No Structure or Formula to Draft It

Although you must portray yourself in the way you are, it does not mean you do not have to follow any structure while creating it. It means that you need to follow a pattern or formula that is pre-defined by the institution you are applying to. Although there are no rigid guidelines for preparing a personal statement, whatever is there, you need to stick to it. Moreover, if you struggle at any point, you can seek essay help Online from the professionals who will guide you on the right path.

It Does Not Include Anything Negative About Yourself

It is often believed that you do not have to include your weakness or negative about yourself in a personal statement. But it is a misconception, as the truth is that you can include something where you have failed. It is so because it is not always possible to be successful in everything you do. Thus, including these situations will reflect your honesty and help you to leave a long-lasting impression on the members of the selection committee.

These are some of the myths you might believe for a personal statement that must have been cleared. So, it is time to explore the tips to create an ideal document that will help you secure admission to your dream university.

Tips to Write It Effectively

After demystifying the myths that can be in your mind, it is time to explore the tricks that will ease your work and impress the members of the selection committee:

  • Do not include anything that you are not in your statement. It is so because if you are asked to do the interview and you are unable to do it, then your chances of getting admission might be reduced.
  • You might be creative while drafting a personal statement, but you must not go off track and ignore the pre-defined process.
  • Do not create the document to get accepted into an institution; instead, write it to portray yourself as a person.
  • You must maintain a balance between being formal and creative. It is so because, it you stick to a particular perspective, you can lose your chance to get admission.


It is an end to the guide that helps you to explore the facts about a personal statement. Furthermore, this write-up must have equipped you with the truths about this document that you might be believing and making mistakes. In addition, this also lets you know the tips to follow for drafting an ideal essay. Moreover, if you still struggle in the process, you can seek help from the professional personal statement writing service available.

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