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Create an App Like Kitopi: Features & Development Cost!

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The idea of a cloud kitchen has much more potential than one has ever thought of. Indeed, it is becoming popular and letting customers enjoy their favorite food without visiting any restaurant. 

What else?

Entrepreneurs get the benefits over all other restaurants still being operated conventionally because the former does not require much investment to buy a physical space. For businesses that want higher ROI, a cloud kitchen app is all they need today. Now, let’s move into the guide and learn about it in detail. And don’t forget to connect with the best mobile app development company in Riyadh to create your own app.

Let’s get started!

What is Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud kitchen provides a space for other brands to cook their delivery-only meals. The cook prepares the meals per customer orders via a digital solution or a cloud kitchen app.

It needs less investment or facilities like providing dining services, parking space, etc.; therefore, entrepreneurs worldwide have invested in cloud kitchens. 

With the reduced cost, not only the higher ROI is achieved significantly, but it also helps businesses receive various other benefits. 

Kitopi: An Insight into a Cloud Kitchen App

Kitopi is one of the most famous cloud kitchen apps in UAE that provides kitchen infrastructure to entrepreneurs who want to use the kitchen for cooking purposes only. 

The market valuation of Kitopi is more than 1.2 billion US dollars, and yes, it is profitable to create something like this in modern times. 

Now, let’s move on to the next section and learn about all the features you must integrate into your cloud kitchen platform. 

Top Features of Cloud Kitchen App

For everyone in the food industry, it is high time you start developing your own cloud kitchen app while taking support from the best iPhone app development company; these are the features to integrate. 


  • Login/ Sign up
  • Communication Panels
  • Dashboard
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Menu Changes


  • Login/Sign Up
  • Communication Panels and Chatbots
  • Dashboard
  • Payment and Wallets
  • Order Tracking

How to Develop a Cloud Kitchen App like Kitopi?

To create an app like Kitopi, we have mentioned several steps for you to consider. Such as: 

  • Choosing a cloud kitchen model 

First of all, the entrepreneurs need to choose the model from these huge options: 

  • Cloud restaurants:

The restaurants provide a space for the brand to use and prepare meals without spending much on furniture, utensils, kitchen accessories, etc. 

  • Aggregator cloud kitchen: 

Kitchen infrastructure is provided to restaurants that want to make their food ready for delivery. 

  • Standalone kitchen:

A single concept is followed in the standalone kitchen, providing only one or two options, such as a pizza joint.

  • Co-working kitchen

Many restaurant businesses operate in one place, and every brand pays for utilizing the infrastructure. 

2. Operational needs

Consider the physical and technical things for opening the cloud kitchen. 

  • Location: 

The cloud kitchen must be closer to the delivery areas and targeted customers. The delivery can be done quickly when the cloud kitchens are located nearby. You can set up the cloud kitchen in any unused park, residential area, or movable food truck. 

  • License: 

Food quality is measured through your license because customers cannot learn about hygiene, food safety, and precautions just by visiting the outlet. 

  • Kitchen and Packaging Equipment: 

Depending on the food you prepare, you can have pieces of equipment that can be huge for a complicated and broad food menu. You are only required to spend money on ovens, counters, stoves, fridges, cooking utensils, etc., at the start or beginning of your cloud kitchen. Also, take care of the packaging because it will hamper your customer experience if you don’t focus on it. 

  • Kitchen Staff:

The cleaning and cooking staff ensures the back end of your restaurant; therefore, you must have them. 

3. Technical Needs for Cloud Kitchen 

Now, let’s move to the technical requirements for your cloud kitchen platform. 

  • Online Ordering Software: 

If you use third-party software for orders and deliveries, you need to pay 12%-18% and 18%-25%.

  • Food delivery system: 

Either through third-party delivery services like Uber Eats or while hiring delivery drivers, you can ensure the food will get delivered to consumers’ doorsteps. 

  • Inventory Management 

To avoid unnecessary costs, you need inventory management software, and by getting support from the top mobile app development company in Riyadh, it becomes easier.

To Sum it Up!

So, these are all ways to help you build an outstanding and terrific cloud kitchen app. You can bring multiple benefits to your business while building or creating it with all the abovementioned essentials. However, the cost to develop the app depends on numerous factors such as app features & functionalities, platforms, tech stack, complexities, updates, maintenance, support, etc. Consider meeting with the best iPhone app development company to know the exact app development cost. The right partners will help you in every way to meet your technical needs and requirements. 

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