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Common Drain Problems And Their Solution

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One of the most frequent homeowner plumbing problems is blocked drains. When a drain fails to empty water or, worse yet, lets it back up into your house, it is blocked. Hair, foreign items, cooking oil and grease, or even extra toilet paper lodged in the pipes can clog a drain. However, there are techniques you may use at home to unclog a drain.

The same is true for problems with low water pressure and often flushing toilets. For the former, the issue can be a clogged shower or faucet head, while for the latter, there might be a problem with the toilet tank. Both issues are minor plumbing issues that may be fixed with a few simple tools and extra toilet tanks. Plumbing issues like leaky taps and pipes, however, are more problematic and require expert repair. Only if you are certain that you can fix these problems on your own, try it. If not, it is preferable to pay for expert assistance.


Water Flooding

Sewage backup is among the biggest issues brought on by clogged drains. If you see signs of standing water in your basement or next to a floor drain, this may be an indication of a clog. It may only be a matter of time until the drain stops functioning, leaving you with polluted water all over your floor. When you see standing water, having your drains cleaned by a professional as soon as possible might help you avoid having to pay for a costly cleanup later.

Drain repair services are essential if your drainage system is having problems. Ignoring the warning signs and delaying hiring an expert to assess your drainage system might have major long-term effects.

Your Landscape

Although it’s unlikely, it’s conceivable that your efforts may be to blame for the issues. Potential issues include bare soil devoid of plants, a yard that slopes in the direction of your house, or paved surfaces that channel water toward the building. Sadly, not everyone considers these factors while making changes to the house. The important thing is to direct the water in another direction, which may be achieved using French drains or other inventive techniques like gravel and pebbles.

We frequently observe that individuals over-topsoil or under-mulch their planting beds, or that they were simply graded incorrectly when they were made. As they rise and slant back toward the house, water might stream against, over, or even into the house. You have serious issues if the gutters are also clogged. Make sure the planting beds’ grade is FAR from the house or other building.

High Water Table

You’ve certainly observed how difficult it may be to landscape low-lying areas with a high water table where your property is located. If plant roots are oversaturated for a long period, especially, they can quickly rot. it causes frequent damage leading to dead plants.  If at all feasible, consider trees and shrubs that are native to marshes and river bottoms.

Raising the planting areas is another option for landscapes with high water tables. You will have more alternatives for the kinds of plants, trees, and shrubs you may cultivate and plant as a result. To maintain the root crown high and dry, larger planters are required for trees and big plants.

Sluggish Sink Drainage

This issue is often brought on by a barrier that prevents water from flowing freely. Clotted fat and food scraps could be present in your kitchen sink drain. The obstruction in a bathroom sink is more frequently brought on by tangled hair and soap.

Utilizing a plunger, throwing down baking soda and vinegar a chemical clog remover, or a plumber’s snake are all methods for unclogging a blocked sink. If the issue isn’t fixed, it will probably become worse over time and finally clog the drain entirely.

How to use chemicals to unclog a sink drain: Follow all of the instructions on the container, and avoid using too much. For safety, put on gloves and sunglasses. Never combine chemicals. Toxic gas may be produced as a result. Fill the drain with chemicals. Chemicals might harm your drainage pipes if used regularly, thus it’s advised not to use this approach indiscriminately.

Ineffective Or Incorrectly Installed Downspouts

Sadly, not every plumber is made equal. Your downspouts may be defective or incorrectly installed if they were put by a novice. Your home needs gutters and downspouts for adequate drainage. It’s time to take action if you frequently see overflowing gutters.

Rain and snow will be able to drain off your roof and away from your home if you keep gutters and downspouts free of leaves, tree branches, and other debris. If there is a clog or items aren’t put properly, structural harm might occur. So that the issue doesn’t cost you money, think about paying someone to fix it.

Extensive Wear Tear

Drain pipes can fracture or crack as a result of the severe wear and stress they endure, which causes the joints to be left exposed. These cracks might result in water leaks. it would further wreak havoc on the neighbourhood and perhaps cause structural damage. Mould and mildew growth are indicators of moisture buildup and leaks. A rapid bug invasion as they move through pipeline cracks is another worry for pipes that fracture and leak. Leaky fixtures throughout the house might be a hassle as well. Thankfully, these problems may be quickly fixed with prompt identification. A drainage expert can recommend the best line of action to handle your urgent demands adequately.

Wet Basement

An irritant may be a moist basement. In addition to ruining your walls and furnishings, moisture in the region promotes the spread of parasites. This issue might be caused by rain or groundwater. Some rainfall could get into the basement due to factors like blocked gutters.

By caulking the walls and any gaps you detect, you may rapidly correct this. If you lack the required equipment, you will need to hire a qualified plumber to complete the task for you. Cleaning out your gutters is another technique to deal with this problem.

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