on-campus and off-campus student accommodation
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Choosing between on-campus and off-campus student accommodation

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University life is one of the most important life-changing experiences that every student has. You will come to understand what true independence is during this transformation. While attending university, you need to choose a student residence for your comfortable stay. Whether you opt for an on-campus or off-campus accommodation will make a significant impact on your university life. Each housing option comes with its own merits and demerits. Here we have discussed the benefits pf both on-campus and off-campus housing to help you make a smart choice.

On-Campus Student Housing

In your first-year of university, you most probably have to live in one of your university’s on-campus resident halls. For the first-year students, living in on-campus accommodation is one of the best things they can opt for. Even though the meaning of on-campus housing is purely arbitrary and dependent on the individual student, it is still the best option for you.

The transition to college life is facilitated by living on campus, particularly for overseas students. For those students who need some space and have never lived away from home, on-campus housing is the best option.

Advantages of residing on campus

Living on-campus will facilitate you to get out of your bed just a few minutes before the class start and still get to class on time. It will also help you cut your transportation cost that you would have otherwise pay while going from home to school.

Utility bills that cover everything

Most of the on-campus student accommodation provides utility bills that cover everything from the cost of gas, water, electricity, cable and much more. You may also choose to pay for your on-campus lodging in recurring monthly installments.

Completely equipped rooms

On-campus housing has the significant advantage of being fully stacked. A desk and chair, a double bed, and a dresser or armoire are standard.

To socialise

You’ll have lots of chances to socialise because there are so many first-year students who are eager to make friends. The majority of institutions take the initiative to make students feel at home by setting up events like movie night, recreation areas, shared meals, and much more.

Outside-Campus Housing

For first-year students, selecting off-campus housing has unquestionable advantages. However, they work best for students who are accustomed to living alone. Off-campus student housing options like Purpose Built Student Accommodations provide a number of advantages, one of which is not having to pay council tax. The ability to avoid paying council tax can be a lifeline when the expense of housing consumes a significant portion of your budget. The current off-campus housing aren’t what they used to be because of the PBSAs’ explosive growth. The newest off-campus student housing facilities now provide a variety of features and unmatched service to students.

Advantages of living off-campus

More Independence

Say goodbye to Resident Assistants (RAs) telling you what to do, curfews, and set mealtimes when you stay off campus. You are much more independent when staying off campus than when staying on campus, so you are free to come and go as you wish.

Utilities are frequently included in your rent

The expense for utilities is usually included in the monthly rent for off-campus housing facilities. This means that your lease includes the cost of the following: water, electricity, gas, cable, security, Wi-Fi, etc. t is helpful for you as you can create your budget properly and can save some money as well.

Completely equipped rooms

Properties work hard to differentiate themselves from other properties in the highly competitive Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) market. This entails student rooms with top-notch furnishings and hotel-style service. Living here is comparable to, if not more expensive than, on-campus housing, thus PBSAs are a no-brainer!


Privacy is a key benefit of off-campus living. You can utilise to rent a flat with a fellow student or live alone in a studio space. You can avoid sharing restrooms, housing with other students, and spending time in common areas by choosing to live off campus.

Various room types

You have a plenty of housing options when staying off-campus. The three main types of off-campus accommodations available to students are en-suite rooms, studio rooms, and apartments. They are further divided into groups of several rooms.

Several amenities

Off-campus student housing is becoming more competitive. For this reason, property managers have added cutting-edge amenities like a swimming pool, coffee shops, outdoor grills, breakfast on the go, and parking to the standard ones like common areas, study rooms, bike storage, and gyms.

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