Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain
Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

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Neck pain, sometimes called cervicalgia, is a pain in or around your spine under your head. The cervical spine is the medical term for the neck. Neck pain is a standard symptom of many other injuries and medical conditions. However, if you want noninvasive chronic neck pain relief in Ohio, chiropractic treatment will be the best option. 

You might have axial neck pain (felt chiefly in your neck) or radicular neck pain (pain that shoots into other areas, like your shoulders or arms). It can be acute (lasting from days to six weeks) or chronic (lasting longer than three months).

Neck pain can interrupt your daily activities and decrease your quality of life if not treated.

Fortunately, most causes of neck pain aren’t severe and improve with conservative treatments, like pain medicine, exercise, and stress management.

What does neck pain feel like? 

Some people describe the pain as:

  • A persistent ache.
  • A stabbing or burning pain.
  • A shooting pain that crosses from their neck to their shoulders or arms.

Other symptoms

Neck pain may involve other symptoms, including:

  • Headache.
  • Stiffness in your neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  • Being unable to turn your neck or tilt your head.
  • Numbness or tingling feeling in your shoulders or arms.

What are the possible causes of neck pain?

Neck pain has many potential causes, including:

  • Aging
  • Physical strain
  • Mental stress
  • Injury
  • Growths
  • Other health conditions

Chiropractic techniques for Neck pain relief 

Examples of generally employed gentle chiropractic techniques have (but are not limited to):

  • Cervical mobilization: The patient is usually lying on their back and is relaxed while the chiropractor manually moves the vertebra in the neck left to right, and vice versa, alternating between the side-to-side motion and a figure 8 movement, applied at differing degrees of moving the head forward, backward, and to the side and in rotation. This is a smooth, non-thrust type of stretch to reduce fixations or areas where motion is restricted between the cervical spinal segments. An oscillatory movement with the hands is also often utilized during cervical spine mobilization.

  • Cervical manual traction: During a chiropractic session, the patient is positioned lying face up or sitting and occasionally lying face down (prone). The chiropractor applies gentle pressure to the neck and stretches the cervical spine, experimenting with different flexions (forward) and extensions (backward) to find the most comfortable and practical angle to relieve tension. This technique is often combined with mobilization, switching between the two and performing both simultaneously.

How can I prevent neck pain?

You can take steps to control neck pain related to strains and tense muscles.

  • Practice good posture. Place electronic devices at eye level to avoid slouching. Keep your shoulders aligned and your back straight when seated so you’re not pulling your neck. Adjust the seats in your car to maintain good posture while traveling.

  • Adjust your sleep position. Maintain good posture when you’re asleep. If you sleep on your back or side, use a pillow to keep your head so your head and neck are aligned with the rest of your body. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees to take extra pressure off your lower back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach with your head turned.

  • Stay active. You can use many of the same exercises used to relieve neck pain to prevent it. If you work a job that affects sitting for long periods, take infrequent breaks to move around and stretch your entire body, including your neck muscles.

  • Don’t carry heavy weight on your shoulders. Avoid having heavy objects like bookbags or suitcases over your shoulder. Instead, consider using luggage or backpacks with wheels.

  • Exercise your upper back extensor muscles. It’s normal to lose power in your upper back as you age. As a result, your shoulders rock forward, and your head tips ahead in a position in front of your spine. This positioning puts extra strain on your neck and upper back.

When should I call the doctor if I have neck pain?

Contact a healthcare provider if you have neck pain that intrudes with work or other daily activities. In rare cases, neck pain can indicate a medical emergency.

Seek urgent medical supervision if your neck pain:

  • Develops after an accident.
  • Involves a loss of bowel or bladder control.
  • Persists whether you’re moving or staying still.
  • Consists of a headache, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting.
  • Occurs with chills, fever, or unexplained weight loss.
  • Occurs with numbness or tingling in your arms, shoulders, or legs.
  • Occurs with weakness in your legs or loss of coordination in your arms or legs.
  • Doesn’t get better with over-the-counter medications.
  • Doesn’t improve after one week.

Chronic Neck Pain Relief in Ohio

In Ohio, finding relief from chronic neck pain has become a paramount concern for many individuals seeking a better quality of life. With a burgeoning healthcare landscape, the state offers a diverse range of specialized clinics and experienced practitioners dedicated to alleviating this persistent ailment. Ohioans can access a multifaceted chronic neck pain management approach, from cutting-edge physical therapy facilities to holistic wellness centers. 

Through a collaborative effort between healthcare providers and patients, Chronic neck pain relief in Ohio promises a brighter, pain-free future for those in need.


For those seeking chronic neck pain relief in Ohio, various effective solutions and specialized care options are readily available. Ohio boasts a robust healthcare infrastructure, with numerous clinics, physical therapy centers, and experienced practitioners dedicated to alleviating chronic neck discomfort. Patients can access cutting-edge treatments, including physical therapy regimens, targeted exercises, and innovative pain management techniques tailored to their needs.

With diverse options and a commitment to comprehensive care, finding relief from chronic neck pain in Ohio is achievable and backed by a wealth of expertise and resources.

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