Candle Gift Boxes Trends: Personalisation and Elegance Combined

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Candles were a source of light in the past. But in the present, they are an important part of decoration and are delicate items to gift. When it comes to their packaging, candle gift boxes are the best choice. These boxes provide not only elegance but also secure packaging for your candles. In this article, we will explore the latest trends in candle packaging for gifts. Moreover, you can find personalisation options to make your candles’ packaging more attractive.

  1. Minimalist design

Simplicity and sophistication are the only things that makes your design more attractive. In this modern era,  people don’t like complex and messy designs. So if you are candle gift retailer you must consider this trend while choosing custom printed candle boxes. Candle gift boxes with minimalist designs seek your customer’s attention. What are minimalist designs and their key points? Let’s have a brief discussion on them.

  • Simple design

The first main feature of minimalist design is keeping it as simple as possible. Don’t choose a complex design. It will not attract customers. 

  • Simple fonts

The other thing that you should keep in mind is to use simple fonts that are easy to read. 

  • Less detail

In minimalist design, you use all elements in the minimum quantity. Elements including material, graphics, colours, and text. 

  1. Sustainability

We live in a world of eco-consciousness, where everyone is aware of environmental impacts. You have to be careful when choosing the material for candle gift boxes. To maintain sustainability, cardboard and rigid are two of the best eco-friendly materials. This material is popular for gift packaging and is recyclable and not harmful to the environment. It is not only eco-friendly but is also known as a luxury material. When you display your gifts in rigid candle gift boxes, you enhance the quality of the gifts. No matter what the quality of your candles is—low or high—with rigid candle packaging boxes, you can turn them into extraordinary products. 

  1. Digital Printing

There are many quality printing techniques in the market, but the most trendy technique is digital printing. This technique is gaining popularity in the packaging industry due to its high-quality printing. This printing technique does not require any printing plates, as it transfers ink directly onto the printing surface, and produces quality images. So when you are going to print your candle gift boxes, choose digital printing. It is cost-effective and best for short runs. There are several other techniques that you can use; some of them are offset and flexo printing.

  1. Personalisation 

Personalisartion is in high demand due to its incredible features. With customisation options, you are free to design your own custom printed candle boxes according to your product requirements. The distinctive options for customisation are below, each with its own unique properties:

  • Shape and size

This feature allows you to choose the shape and size of candle gift boxes. So that your gifts store perfectly in them. Moreover, by choosing the right size, you can minimise the chances of damage. Gift boxes are available in various shapes. The shapes include rectangular, square, circular, hexagonal, and many others You can choose from them what suits your gifts best.

  • Custom Inserts

Gifts are fragile and delicate products; they get damaged easily. By adding inserts, you can save them from getting damaged. Additionally, you can add plenty of dividers to candle gift boxes to store a range of products. Dividers keep your products separated and prevent them from mixing with each other.

  • Materials

The primary feature of customisation is that you can choose the candle box packaging material of your choice. 

  • Custom Designs

Appealing designs matter a lot in attracting customers and selling your products. With customisation you can use your own design or ideas.

  1. Window Packaging

Customers buy products after analysing them, and window packaging allows this without opening the boxes. The window on candle gift boxes allows customers to see the product inside and helps them make purchasing decisions.

  1. Luxury Touches

Who wants to purchase products that are not attractively packaged? No one. That’s why you need some luxury finishes to make your packaging for candles more appealing. Some premium features are below that you should always consider while choosing boxes for candles:

  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foil stamping 
  1. Branding

Candle gift boxes are not only used to appeal to customers but are also used as a branding tool. You can use them to tell your brand story, values, and product-related information. The most important branding element is your logo, which is a silent salesman for your business and is the identity of your brand. So, to make your logo prominent, go for the embossing technique, which creates a 3D look and makes the box more elegant.  

  1. Seasonal Themes

The plus point of these candle gift boxes is that you can customise them according to the occasion. For example, Christmas, birthdays, and wedding receptions are different occasions and have different decoration themes. So to attract more customers, you design your boxes for candles according to the event

Wrap Up!

Candle gift boxes are specifically designed to display, store, and transport candles. These candle boxes are appealing as well as protective, and they can be printed for different occasions. This article will help you make luxury packaging for your candles. If you still need a company for candle packaging supplies, contact OXO Packaging AU. For more information related to custom packaging or candle boxes wholesale, andcandle gift boxes, contact us at any time.

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