Can I read Quran during tawaf?

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Tawaf is still required to complete the Umrah pilgrimage. One can perform these rites voluntarily in addition to performing them as part of their Umrah pilgrimage through All Inclusive Umrah Packages from UK.

Tawaf is still considered a highly revered ritual in Islam. It consists of making seven clockwise circuits of the holy Kaabah in the opposite direction of the direction of prayer. In order to ensure the Holy Kaabah is always on the left side of the path.

There are specific requirements for pilgrims to follow in order to do Tawaf correctly. including but not limited to;

  • The pilgrims must be completely clean in order to perform Tawaf.
  • If a person is in the state of Janabah, Ghusl is mandatory to attain physical purity. If anyone does so otherwise, a camel or a cow must be slaughtered in compensation.
  • For all sorts of other minor impurities, Wudu can be made to perform tawaf. If anyone does do otherwise, it is mandatory to slaughter a sheep for compensation.
  • Tawaf rituals are to be observed within the premises of Masjid-al-Haram i.e., the Grand Mosque of Makkah in Saudia Arabia.
    • Note that Hateem (Hijr Ismail) is an official part of Kaabah’s boundary. Therefore, Tawaf must be performed outside of it. If anyone crosses the Hateem area while performing Tawaf, his/her tawaf would become invalid.
  • The distance to be covered around Holy Kaabah for Tawaf is influenced by your position.
    • If you are present in the inner circle, your walking diameter is less to complete Tawaf.
    • If you are present on the outer circle or above the ground level, you need to walk more to complete the diameter.
  • Your tawaf remains valid even if your view of the Holy Kaabah is restricted because of walls, pillars, or other objects while being inside the premises of the mosque or due to being at a height.
  • Women in the state of menstruation or post-natal bleeding are not allowed to offer Tawaf.
  • If your wudu is nullified while performing Tawaf, you must stop it immediately. Then make wudu again and come back to continue Tawaf from the exact place you left.

Can you read Quran during tawaf?

Pilgrims are not only permitted but encouraged to read the Holy Quran as they walk the Tawaf route. There is no contradiction between reciting the holy Quran and doing Tawaf at the same time, since both are acts of worship directed toward Allah Almighty.

In this sense, you can choose between holding a pocket-sized hardcover copy of the Quran or reading through an authentic digital media on your cell phone.  Make sure you’re clean though, as it’s not only banned to touch the holy Quran if you’re not clean, but also prohibited to do Tawaf if you’re not clean.

You should also keep your respect and focus when reading the Quran and doing Tawaf. You should read from the Holy Book while walking around the holy Kaabah, but you should also be fully present in your body and thoughts. In order for you to make your way through the crowd without disturbing anyone.

When doing Tawaf, some Muslims like to recite lines from the Holy Quran. In fact, they’ve sectioned off specific Quranic chapters or Duas—religious invocations—to be read at specific times during the pilgrimage and devotional process known as Tawaf. Others, however, enjoy reading the Holy Quran wherever they like. Keep in mind that either method is fine as long as it is executed with honesty and courtesy.

Therefore, it can be stated that reading the Quran during tawaf is permitted. If you find it feasible, it is also recommended that you study the precise duas recommended by scholars for each cycle of tawaf and repeat them. You can perform Tawaf in the Mecca during the Umrah but you have to consult best Umrah Travel Agency UK firstly. They will provide you with an Umrah package. Then you will able to perform Umrah.

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