Blue World Trade Center
Blue World Trade Center

Blue World Trade Center: Prime Location, Reliable Developers, and Approved NOC

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Blue World Trade Center, a prestigious commercial project in Islamabad, is being developed by the renowned Blue Group of Companies. The aim behind this project is to revolutionize the real estate sector in Pakistan and provide investors with top-notch facilities and amenities. The development of the Blue World Trade Center is a significant milestone for the country’s real estate market, contributing to the overall economic growth.

Prime Location of Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center is strategically located in Islamabad, catering to business-class investors seeking a highly desirable business address. As the tallest twin tower in the twin cities, it stands out prominently on the skyline. Being situated near the CPEC route, it offers excellent opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the country’s economic development.

The location features of the project are highly advantageous. The proximity to the Grand Trunk Road provides convenient access to the Blue World Trade Center. It is also in close proximity to the well-known business districts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The developers have carefully chosen this location to encourage sustainable practices and environmentally friendly activities within the city, attracting potential buyers and investors.

Developers of Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center is being developed by the Blue Group of Companies, a diversified conglomerate based in Pakistan. The group has a strong presence in various sectors, including real estate development, construction, energy, agriculture, and trading. With a track record of delivering significant projects and contributing to the business landscape, the Blue Group of Companies is known for its commitment to quality and innovation.

NOC Status of Blue World Trade Center

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the Blue World Trade Center falls under the authority of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The developers of the project have successfully obtained the necessary NOC, demonstrating compliance with the regulations and requirements set by the governing bodies. This ensures that the commercial project adheres to safety standards, building codes, environmental regulations, and other necessary criteria. With the NOC in place, investors can have confidence in the project’s legality and minimize the risk of legal complications.

Facilities and Amenities

The Blue World Trade Center offers a wide range of world-class facilities and amenities, designed to provide an exceptional lifestyle experience. The project boasts high-speed elevators, reliable internet connections, round-the-clock electricity supply, and various other essential services. With the inclusion of shopping malls, corporate offices, and loft apartments, the project caters to the diverse needs of businesses and residents alike.

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Office spaces within the trade center are available for lease or rent, catering to businesses of different sizes and configurations. The project also includes dedicated spaces for conferences, meetings, and seminars, equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems and comfortable seating arrangements.


The Blue World Trade Center stands tall as the twin cities’ tallest twin tower, offering high-end infrastructure and a prime location. Investing in this project promises a better future for businesses and investors. For detailed information and bookings, it is recommended to contact reputable real estate companies. Take advantage of this exceptional real estate opportunity in Pakistan and secure your place in the Blue World Trade Center.

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