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Are you planning on developing your career in the area of Law? If you’re planning to continue your studies in Bengaluru this article could be useful. There are a lot of famous and well-known Law Colleges located in Bengaluru. This article is the top 10 law schools located in Bangalore. Silicon Valley of India ( Bangalore). You can look through the list and begin planning to apply for admission at one of these institutions. 

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National Law School of India University | Bangalore Law College | Bangalore

NLSIU is ranked first on Outlook’s Top Law Schools . The College’s rating was 5.9 /10. It offers a five-year Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws(B.A.LL.B-Hons) two-year master of Laws(LL.M),2-year Master of Public Policy(M.P.P) and three-year doctorate in Law(LL.D).

Candidates are admitted following the successful completion of the Common Law Admission Test(CLAT) which is conducted in seventeen National Law Universities across India. The annual fees for B.A.L.L.B-Hons is Rs.1,21,300 and to be paid for L.L.M is Rs.80,100 For M.P.P will be 1,22,300 while for L.L.D costs Rs.68,333. Visit for details.


University Law College, P.G. Department of Studies and Research in Law, Bangalore: Courses, Fees, Placements, Ranking, Admission 2023

Bangalore University is a pioneer legal-education institution. The college’s score is 6.1 /10. ULC provides five-year BA LLB and 2-year LLM courses. The annual cost of BA LLB is Rs.13,645.

There are numerous Supreme Court and High Court Justices, famous government officials, bureaucrats, academicians and lawyers of repute. Visit details.


MS Ramaiah College of Law Bangalore | Galaxy Education

MSRCL is ranked as 15 within Outlook’s Top Law Schools 2016. The school offers a five-year BA.LLB/BBA. LLB courses. The total cost of the BA.LLB Course is Rs.6,75,000.

Candidates who have completed the +2 examination from a recognized institution and who pass the Common Law Admission Test can be admitted to the course.


KLE Society's Law College Bangalore Admissions, Fees, Eligibility

KELLY is ranked as one of the Top Law Schools across India according to India Today in 2015. The college is also among the top law colleges that are located in South India. This college provides a 3 year LL. B degree course. The cost per year for the course is Rs.50,000.

Graduate candidates must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) in order to be accepted into the program.


About – Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies

BILL was ranked 8th in the Top 25 law Colleges within India. BILL offers a five-year fully-time integrated course of BA.LLB. The annual cost for the course is Rs.14,497. Candidates who scored 45% or higher marks in the +2 Examination from any reputable university are eligible to be admitted.

6. Christ University Bangalore

Christ University: Admission 2023, Courses, Fees, Placement, Cut Off

Christ University Bangalore provides one of the most prestigious educations in the nation, ranked 20th of all the colleges in the country. It also has an astronomical amount of money, which ranges between 60K and 10K based upon the program you select. Students must pass the CLAT law entrance test for admission to the college. The college has every kind of requirement and amenities required by law schools. A top faculty is made available to students. Students of law can always resolve any questions or issues they may have. Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Dehradun with a Tempo Traveller from Taxi Yatri .

7. The School of Law, Christ University

RecTracker: School of Law, Christ University places 42 students on first ever Day Zero

The School of Law under Christ University provides one of the top quality educational programs in the law field. The school has one of the most prestigious faculties for facilities and placements for students studying at colleges. After graduating from high school, students have to pass the famous CLAT test to be admitted into college. College offers full-time LLB courses lasting three years, and BA-LLB integrated courses that last for five years. The cost of a year’s course ranges between 9,500 and 10,000 based on the course you select here.

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