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Benefits of Outsourcing Visual Merchandising: Why You Should Hire a Professional Agency?

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Visual merchandising is the process of creating a visually enticing and alluring display of merchandise. The intent is to draw maximum customers into the store and encourage them to purchase well. A robust visual merchandising plan is crucial to attain the desired sales targets and maximise repeat visits from customers. Merely stocking products attractively on shelves is insufficient. The entire store layout, lighting, signages, product bundling, and checkout display need to be planned meticulously. Thereon, from time to time, existing layouts/displays are completely overhauled in the event of festive sales or special promotions. Overall, a top-notch visual merchandising plan around the year will positively influence purchase decisions and build a robust brand image.

Hiring a Visual Merchandising Agency

Retail businesses are facing a stiff wave of competition in the post-Covid-19 economy. Apart from brick-and-mortar stores competing with one another, the competition from online sellers is intense. To attain higher sales and foster customer loyalty, retailers need to create an unparalleled in-store shopping experience at minimal costs. A visual merchandising agency will implement a top-notch merchandising plan with a holistic understanding of consumer behaviour and industry trends. The benefits of outsourcing visual merchandising are as follows:-

  1. Relying on Professional Expertise– The right visual merchandising agency has highly experienced merchandisers on board. They bring in a strategic mix of skills, technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the consumer psyche. Professional agencies are well aware of the latest merchandising trends across various retail segments like Apparel, Accessories, FMCG, and Electronics. Hence, they equip retail businesses to always stay ahead of trends and ensure a distinct competitive edge.
  2. Lowers Hiring and Operational Costs– Visual merchandising is a highly specialised field. It requires retail experience, design knowledge, sales acumen, technical know-how, as well as a keen aesthetic sense. Hiring such skilled employees permanently can incur massive costs on already cash-strapped retail brands. Moreover, training in-house merchandisers is also a herculean feat that only huge retail corporations can afford. Outsourcing is the best option to ensure high in-store merchandising standards cost-effectively.
  3. Unique Perspective- A fresh perspective and innovative take on things are always beneficial for any retail merchandising project. A seasoned visual merchandising agency can suggest out-of-the-box window displays to drive higher footfalls. They can suggest innovative methods of product bundling to sell low-performing merchandise. By sprucing up the signage, altering the lighting style, or de-cluttering the store, the shopping experience can be reinvigorated.
  4. Customisation, Flexibility, and Consistency– Managing retail store operations is incredibly challenging. Especially during the festive season and promotional sales, the entire merchandise, layout, and display have to be changed promptly. Without a professional team to helm the changes, this can drag on for days unnecessarily. Also, incomplete shelves and a half-baked display can greatly dampen the customer experience. Outsourcing is the apt choice to ensure the promptness, customization, flexibility, and consistency of store visuals.
  5. Access to the Latest Technology– A visual merchandising agency uses the latest AI-driven tools and software for in-store merchandising. Using a planogram to create a meticulously scaled store layout plan maximises the efficiency of space utilisation. Retailers can scientifically deduce the most effective visual arrangements to extract maximum ROI from a given space with AI-driven tools.
  6. Proven Sales-Inducing Strategies– Apart from using the storage space effectively, professionals are also well-versed in the best visual merchandising strategies to boost sales. From creating a focal point to innovatively using light and colours to draw attention, there are multiple ways to entice. The expert team will be responsible for ensuring that the store is decluttered and well-organised at all times. Most importantly, the tactical use of signage, props, and product clusters will draw in higher sales. 


Modern-day shoppers don’t have the patience to purchase from a store that is tough to navigate or has an unappealing display. Cutting-edge visual merchandising ensures a superlative experience that will keep them returning. Thus, more and more retail businesses today are outsourcing their visual merchandising requirements to professional agencies. Leading professional merchandisers are setting up interactive screens and harnessing augmented reality for stunning displays. Compared to the perennial investment in hiring and managing an in-house team, outsourcing is both cost-effective and highly efficient. The aforementioned advantages make it all the more worthwhile in the long run.

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