Amazon Product Launch – What you need to know to increase your sales

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Firstly, a product launch can be defined as the first instance a seller publishes their product listing on Amazon. To have a successful product launch means implementing an effective Amazon product launch strategy that will drive sales.

A product launch can last anywhere between a week to ten days, but it can go even longer depending on how well your initial sales are with respect to other products in the same category.

What You Need to Launch a Product on Amazon

If you want to sell successfully on Amazon, you need to invest money into your Amazon product launch. I don’t want to trick you – you will probably lose money during your product launch. At least, you won’t make any significant profits.

The goal of a product launch is to increase your sales velocity and product ranking to make profits in the future. But during the product launch, it’s hard not to lose money.

So, what do you need to launch a new product on Amazon?

  • Unique product
  • Less competitive niche
  • Helium 10 or Jungle Scout
  • Finally, you need money


Factors that will affect your Amazon Product Sales

Keep in mind that there are several factors that will affect your purchasing sales on Amazon.  Some of those, and in no particular ranking order, are mentioned below:

  • Title description
  • Your key product features mentioned in bullet points
  • Product description
  • Main image
  • Secondary images
  • Customer reviews and rating
  • Price point
  • Deals
  • Sales history


Amazon product launch strategy

I remember seeing a funny meme about a candidate interviewing for their first job role. He wasn’t getting any jobs because he lacked experience. His counter was that he needed the job TO gain experience. A very similar conundrum exists for the seller on Amazonas well; to rank higher, your product should be selling well. To be selling well, you should be ranking higher. While there’s no clear way around it, you should aim to rank AND sell higher at the same time when you launch the product. Hence, here is a simple 2 step cyclical strategy:


  • Encourage your early buyers to leave customer reviews. 
  • Once you receive around five customer reviews, invest in paid advertisements


Reducing product price is an attractive method to drive initial sales. Customers are almost always looking for a good deal.

The problem that comes with discounting a new product is that users first need to KNOW about the product, before they purchase it. Keep in mind that the initial product ranking will be low.

Use external channels to get your product in front of prospective buyers. By this, we mean using the popular online marketing strategy of Amazon; email marketing. If you are a business that already has a database of email addresses, email your customers about an exclusive discount to your new product. The link in the email to the new product will increase your conversion rate. 

Conversion rate: It is a very natural behavior these days for customers to scroll down and check the reviews of a product before making a purchase. Social proof is  very influential in the purchasing decision for many buyers.Your product titles shall significantly affect your customers’ first impressions. Creating a bland and boring product title that doesn’t give any description will surely give you a low conversion rate. 

Take High-Quality Product Photos

It is a known fact that customers tend to look at product photos before reading a product description. The images are visual representations of the product that helps customers decide whether to purchase or not. If they see a product listing with low-quality images, they’ll most likely click the exit button and go to another seller’s product listing. 

Paid marketing campaigns: What would be the point of directing users through ads to products with few or no reviews. Customers would be skeptical about purchasing these  products that have not been evaluated by other customers. 

Pay-Per-Click marketing:These marketing campaigns help to increase a new product’s rank in the Amazon search results. If done correctly, PPC campaigns are a sure strategy to drive traffic to your product listing and generate sales. That is why it’s recommended to allow an experienced account manager to handle such an important strategy. If done correctly, PPC campaigns are a sure strategy to drive traffic to your product listing and generate sales. That is why it’s recommended to allow an experienced account manager to handle such an important strategy.

 Run Promotions You’re now near the end of your product launch strategy. The next step: marketing, and promotions. You’ve spent your time preparing your product for launching and checked if everything is properly optimized. Your product is ready for an advertising campaign, which means you’re prepared to gain traffic and conversions. 

SAECOM stands out with its unrivalled expertise, comprehensive tools, and deep knowledge of Amazon’s product launch landscape. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to ensure the successful launch of your products. With years of experience as professional sellers, we take pride in delivering exceptional results and can confidently assert that product launches are one of our core areas of excellence.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, while a product launch on Amazon seems daunting, there are various strategies, as highlighted in this article, to get your new product to the top pages of Amazon. From implementing email marketing campaigns to launching a PPC campaign, be sure to try out such tested methods with an Amazon specialist to guarantee an increase in your sales.It might be difficult to launch a new product on Amazon, especially if you have no prior expertise. There are many competitors selling identical products, so staying relevant is difficult. Following the recommendations above will make it easier for you to browse Amazon and have a successful product launch. You could also contact SAECOM FBA PRO, a company specialized in Amazon SEO, at and make sure to visit this page that directs you to Amazon product launch services.


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