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6 Things I Wish I Know Before Buying My New Leather Jacket

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Leather jackets are some of the most popular garments for men and women of all ages. They are warm, offer protection, and look amazing. The best part is that you can wear a stylish leather jacket every day. Real leather jackets have been around for quite a while. Also, there is so much variety in designs, styles, materials, and colors that you can pick one for every occasion.

Getting the right fitting is important, and it should look good on you. There are many things to consider when buying motorcycle leather jackets or casual jackets. It is so easy to make common leather jacket-buying mistakes that damage your experience with the product. So, here are some facts about leather jackets that will help you buy the right one:

1: The Type of Material Best for Warmth and Coziness

Of course, the most basic function of any jacket product is to provide warmth in the winter. Also, leather jackets were introduced back in the World War 1 era for fighter plane pilots. Their requirement was to keep the pilots warm at high altitudes.

Real leather made from cowhide or sheepskin specializes in maximum warmth for the body. These jackets keep you cozy even on the coldest night out with friends. However, make sure to layer up according to the weather conditions.

Leather jackets are largely waterproof as well. However, when you need full waterproofing, make sure to check with the seller. The best leather materials for maximum warmth are sheepskin and cowhide leather. Also, your jacket should have a thicker inner lining with warm materials like faux fur as well.

2: Not All Zippers Last as Long

Many people think of all zippers to be the same. However, that is simply not the case. Not all zippers are made from the same materials and will age differently. Also, some cheap ones tend to rust with time causing real problems for the wearer.

It is important to pay attention to the quality of your leather jacket zipper as well. Make sure to run it up and down when wearing the jacket in the try room. A smoothly working zipper tends to be made from high-quality materials.

Also, there should be no part of the jacket material getting caught inside the zipper. It will cause the zipper to get stuck and eventually fail when you pull on it too hard.

3: Did I Need Extra Padding for Motorcycle Riding?

Motorcycle leather jackets are quite unique in their own way. Purpose-made motorcycle jackets are not made for their fashion sense. Their major feature is body protection in unwanted circumstances. This is why they will come with protection padding for critical body parts.

A quality motorcycle riding jacket should have chest padding, shoulder padding, elbow padding, and back padding. Also, this padding can be removable as well depending on the style of your jacket.

Invest in the right type of motorcycle leather jacket to get maximum body protection. There is no protection on offer when riding a motorcycle. All the protection you will get is from what is on your body.

4: Leather Protection Sprays Do More Harm Than Good

The market is open to all types of products. Leather protection sprays in our opinion are no good for genuine leather jackets. The biggest reason for this is the fact that these leather protection sprays are sticky. They will attract more dust particles that will stick to the surface.

Also, in time, these sprays stain the jackets as well. Additionally, leather sprays are generally made for small patches of the material or footwear. Jackets are already topped off with a layer of protection solution during manufacturing.

Instead, simply clean your leather jacket with a clean wet cloth. Get it dry-cleared from a good laundry every so often. Do not hang it while still wet in the cupboard as well.

5: One Standard Size Doesn’t Fit All

Usually, leather jacket brands have standard sizing. There will be Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large options. However, these are standard sizes. Not all bodies will be suited to these standard sizes. Some people have long arms and broader shoulders but a thin waist.

This is why it is important to give your leather jackets a try before buying. Unless the brand has custom sizes available, trying it out is the best way to go. Whether buying biker leather jackets for men or bomber leather jackets, their sizing is very important.

So, make sure to try the leather jacket out before purchasing it when buying in-store. When buying online, make sure to have a good look at sizes.

6: There Is So Much More Variety Available Online

A lot of the time people buy their leather jackets from a brand outlet in the town center. There is nothing wrong with that if you find a good one. However, the good thing to know is that there is so much more variety available at online brands and stores.

Buying online opens up the market for you. All modern high-street brands will be available online as well. Also, many sellers and brands today only sell through the internet. Tap that market and you will get a better deal and a much bigger variety to choose from.

7: The Tightest Fitting Jackets Aren’t the Most Comfortable Ones

Often, people think about leather jackets as very close and snug-fitting products. This is well and true in most cases. However, products like bomber jackets, long leather coats, and a few others are necessarily designed to fit your body very tightly.

These are relaxed jackets that are best worn with a little bit of give. Also, you should always be able to move around in your jacket freely. Try light stretching movements and if the jacket allows it with comfort, it is the right size for you.

Bottom Line

Buying a leather jacket is an important decision. A good leather jacket stays great for many years to come. So, investing in the right product is very important. Pay attention to the materials, zipper quality, fitting, and body protection features. All these are important features and will make you have a comfortable experience with your newly purchased leather jacket.

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