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Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms – both worldwide and in Germany. This platform offers companies the opportunity to present themselves to their target group with attractive images, videos, and graphics and to provide followers with new information regularly. But how do you reach the target group and increase the number of followers on Instagram?

The most important thing first: You will only get a little far with tricks like purchased followers or bots! This violates Instagram’s terms of service and can even lead to your account being blocked. In addition, false followers are usually prominent and lead to a loss of trust among genuinely interested parties. And: One of the most critical metrics for the Instagram algorithm is interaction. Purchased followers and bots do not generate engagement with your posts and are, therefore, worthless.


Simply posting on Instagram without a strategy usually doesn’t do you any good. It would help if you had a plan that not only addresses social media but also your fundamental business goals.

For example, would you like:

Sell ​​your products?

Direct new visitors to your website?

Increase awareness of your brand.

Inform your target group about new products or services.

Focus on your most important goal – this will ensure a consistent appearance and convince users. If you tell a consistent brand story on Instagram (so-called storytelling ), you are more likely to retain your followers than if there is no concept behind the social media presence. https://comprarseguidoresreaisportugal.com/


Which demographic aspects predominate (age, gender, etc.)?

Is your target group local or national?

What industry do the people work in?

When, where, and how do they use Instagram?

What information are you looking for?

What problems do they have?

By answering these questions, you will find out what content you should post, at what times, and in what format. This way, you reach exactly the users who are interested in your posts and are most likely to become your followers.


Your brand should be recognizable at first glance – this applies to your Instagram posts as well as across different platforms. Make sure your posts are designed consistently in the overview. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every post should look the same. But, recurring elements, colors, and designs help anchor your brand in users’ minds.

You should also ensure a consistent corporate design across all platforms. Use the same techniques on your website, on all social media channels, and offline materials such as business cards, flyers, posters, etc. This way, your target group will recognize you at a glance, no matter where they are.


Most visits to company profiles come from people who still need to be followers. It is essential to convince them to be in good shape. Use your logo as your profile picture and – if possible – your company name as your username. You can also provide contact details, your website, your location, and your industry.

But even more critical is the bio, i.e., your short description: Appealingly present your brand and show users immediately what to expect on your profile. If there is a relevant hashtag that represents your brand well, it may make sense to include it in the bio to increase discoverability.


Inform your target group about your Instagram account on other channels, too. On the one hand, you can do this via other social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Co., and on the other hand, you can link to the profile from your website, in your email signature, or newsletters. (While we’re at it, do you already know our Instagram account ?)

And you don’t just have the opportunity to promote your account online: for example, print your user name on your business cards, posters, or flyers. The so-called name tags offer another option here. These are QR codes that link directly to your profile. Attractive people can scan these and immediately become new followers.

Tip: If you have just set up your Instagram account, wait until you have published some content before promoting it on other sites. A blank page doesn’t get anyone to click follow.


The most crucial point: Use Instagram to post good, exciting, and relevant content for your target group! You have to offer your followers – and those who will become followers – added value that also encourages them to interact with the page, be it through likes, comments, or saving or sharing your posts. More engagement, in turn, affects the algorithm so that you can be found more efficiently and increase your reach – and accordingly, get more followers again.


Your target audience is interested in the topic you are posting about. So, make sure you tailor your profile accordingly. There is no point in posting articles about books on the website of an online clothing store.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can only post one type of post. A little variety is always good. But always keep sight of your topic! A good example here is to introduce your company and the people who work there by taking a look “behind the scenes.” In most cases, such a personal touch is well-received.


Instagram is a visual medium. It should go without saying that you only use high-quality images and graphics. Make sure that the images are not pixelated, or that important parts of the subject are not cut off! https://tefwins.com/


In addition to the images, the captions should also be convincing. With good captions, you can increase engagement and your reach. For example, consider the following points:

Ask questions

Write the most important thing at the beginning

Use appropriate emojis

Vary the length of the captions

You can also attract new followers with attractive captions that encourage interaction.


Content-relevant and visually well-prepared posts are ideal for being shared by other users. Infographics, among other things, are suitable for this. These are not only often shared in other users’ stories – they can also be embedded in blog posts or articles on the respective topic. This allows you to demonstrate your expertise and attract new followers.


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