Zoop Keeps You in the Know with Real-Time Train Travel Updates

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Because WhatsApp now allows you to check your PNR status. You can monitor the status of your online order for train food, but do you have any other suggestions for this new feature? You can then use this to make a complaint after that. Numerous problems have been resolved thanks to all of these traits. Anyone can now eat on a train because even elderly people can use WhatsApp and learn how to place orders on their own. 

The Indian Railways will offer trains’ real-time WhatsApp status updates through a partnership with ZoopIndia. Follow these steps to Check PNR Status of your train.

You can find the 10-digit PNR number on the top left of your IRCTC train ticket.

Your ticket’s PNR number should be entered, and then you should select “Get Status” from the menu.

You may find information about the train ticket you purchased in your PNR Status.

This method makes it easiest to check the PNR status of a train.

What is the PNR status on a train ticket supposed to mean?

PNR is an electronic detail made up of numbers and letters that is also referred to as a PNR number or PNR code. After making a rail reservation, that happened. Passenger name record, or PNR, is a well-known term. Reservations are used on some rare special occasions.

Passenger Name Record, or PNR, is the name of a digital certificate. Travelers can quickly manage their reservations by checking their PNR status online. The code known as Passenger Name Record consists of six alphanumeric characters. A booking number is also provided (letters and numbers are used together). Travelers can manage their reservations and print an additional ticket with the help of this code in case of a missed or delayed departure.

Passengers must therefore keep this code after purchasing a train ticket. The Zoop India app allows users to change their contact information, add more luggage, and order more services.

Procedures for Checking PNR Status

To Check PNR Status of your train, you only need to follow a few of the following instructions.

Listed below is a brief explanation of how to use the WhatsApp chatbot to track the specifics of your Indian train journey. how to check the PNR status of a train using WhatsApp.

Add the Zoop WhatsApp chatbot’s phone number (+91 7042062070) to your contacts or open WhatsApp Web. 

To open the Zoop chat window on WhatsApp, look for it.

The WhatsApp discussion box will appear after you enter your 10-digit PNR number. Click the chat button.

You can get the most recent PNR status, the train number, and the expected departure time from the Railofy chatbot.

You can also enter your PNR number into the WhatsApp chatbot to get alerts and real-time information on the status of your train.

Through WhatsApp, you can order food

Yes, you can use the new WhatsApp chat feature to place online food orders for delivery to your train seat. A few easy steps must be followed in order to place an order. Let’s investigate those actions.

Customers of IRCTC can also order food while commuting by train. Passengers can place online food orders and have them delivered right to their seats by using the IRCTC app Zoop.

You should first save the WhatsApp chatbot number +91 7042062070 to your phone before using Zoop to order food online.

-They can also Check Train Coach Position through it. 

-Start the WhatsApp chatbot from Zoop.

-Enter your 10-digit PNR number.

– When the next delivery of food comes, decide which station you want to order it from.

-You can choose from a menu of options offered by the restaurants using the Zoop chatbot.

– After ordering and paying for a meal at a restaurant online.

– The chatbot itself allows you to keep track of your meals.

If you specify a station, Zoop will deliver your food there when the train arrives.

Benefits of the Whatsapp-based service, Zoop Boat.

There’s no need to wait for the waitresses to arrive and take your lunch order. IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) has updated its website so that passengers on the Indian Railways can now order meals via WhatsApp. () website.

To use the meal delivery service Zoop, passengers only need their PNR number. With the help of Jio Haptik, the software enables users to quickly and easily order food using their WhatsApp chatbot.

WhatsApp can be use to find out more information and to Check PNR Status of your train.

Through WhatsApp chat, you will have access to all information. Zoop makes it simple to track food prices and place orders for food in trains.

Users can also see the platform at the train station where the train is arriving or departing, the locations of the coaches, the operational status of LIVE Train, and the PNR Status.

Only a few easy steps need to follow down. Passengers will benefit from this in order to arrive on time at the train station.

Additionally, you should find out in advance which coach and seat are best for you.

The Zoop app’s offering of this service is one of its best.

You can now enjoy your train ride because it’s so much simpler than before. 

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