Your luggage will be held by this service while you explore a new city.

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The countdown on the app is started when you drop off your bags. The timer is then stopped when you come back. You won’t have to worry about a retailer running the clock on you because you only pay for the time that has passed on that timer.

Here is a typical travel circumstance: Although you have some time before your flight, you have just checked out of your hotel. That’s okay because you still have plenty of time before your flight to unwind and tour the city. But just as you prepare to go for a great afternoon of sightseeing, you become aware of a problem: what to do with your bags?

Nobody, least of all the inventor of luggagehero Coupon, wants to lug around their luggage all day. The inventor of the service became tired of carrying their bags around each time they went, so they created the business in 2016. Although the original idea was hatched in Copenhagen, the company continued to expand until LuggageHero is now supported in 171 cities around the globe, according to its website. So there’s a decent chance that LuggageHero works with the place you’re going to visit next.

You are not required to give your bags to just anyone via LuggageHero. Locations must first pass a company review in order to participate. These places range from shops to offices to coffee shops, therefore they usually have strong linkages to the neighborhoods.

This is how it goes:

You select your location by going to the LuggageHero website or installing the app on your smartphone. You can choose from a list of possible luggage drop-off locations if LuggageHero is supported in your area. To evaluate how convenient each location is for you based on your location, switch to the map view to discover exactly where each one is located.

Then, you specify to LuggageHero how long you need this location to keep your luggage for you, how many bags you’ll be dropping off, and whatever form of payment is most convenient for you. Pay-as-you-go makes the most sense for shorter periods. For instance, I discovered a location in Boston that costs the standard LuggageHero hourly rate of $0.95 for a single bag. However, the fixed charge, which works out to $7.95 per day, is preferable if you need the site to hang onto your bag for more than eight hours or so. If you choose not to purchase the optional insurance, LuggageHero will make a $500 payment in lieu of the $3,000 refund guarantee on lost goods.

The countdown on the app is started when you drop off your bags. The timer is then stopped when you come back. You won’t have to worry about a retailer running the clock on you because you only pay for the time that has passed on that timer.

You probably don’t need a service like LuggageHero for the day if all you have on you is a backpack. But it’s convenient to have the choice to leave your bags somewhere safe if you’re traveling with a suitcase or several bags. You don’t want to be the person that occupies a second table in the coffee shop with their bags.

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