Worried about your hair loss? | Hair loss treatment in Chennai

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Are you worried about your scalp losing its voluminous hair? Well, hair loss problem is common among both men and women these days. It is a common concern in adults and in rare cases even in teenagers. As per the study, some major reasons behind hair loss are lifestyle choices, effects of medications, hormonal imbalance, symptoms of hair loss in genes, and so on. If you have been facing the issue of hair loss for a while, you would be familiar with the fact that men often suffer from male pattern baldness whereas women go through hair thinning only. Today, with the advent of modern medical science, there are treatments for hair loss in both men and women. But before that, you should learn about the root causes behind this hair loss in adults.

The reasons for hair loss in men and women

  • Hair loss can be a genetic issue for many of you. It has been seen that generally, male pattern baldness comes from inherited genes, making the younger generation susceptible to this loss of hair. If hair loss runs in your family, females will also suffer from baldness after a certain age.
  • Do you know if there is any imbalance in androgen and estrogen in the human body, the individual will experience sudden hair loss? Women experience drastic loss of hair during pregnancy if they are diagnosed with PCOS, and of course when menopause hits. It’s all because of that hormonal shift.
  • Apart from this, certain medications used for treating critical diseases and thyroid disorders often lead to loss of hair for both men and women. Those who go for chemotherapy lose almost all their hair.
  • Other than all these, hair loss can be induced by excessive stress over a long period, nutritional deficiencies, smoking, regular alcohol consumption, and of course old age.

After learning these causes of hair loss, are you wondering if you will have to spend the rest of your life without hair over your scalp? No, that won’t happen. Today, there are several treatments for hair loss offered by popular skin clinic in Anna Nagar and other parts of Chennai. Hair growth and rejuvenation treatment is quite popular for helping patients with hair loss. Let’s learn about this treatment a little in the following paragraphs.

Hair loss treatment in Chennai

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive process for hair loss treatment. This non-surgical method of hair growth will provide vitamins, amino acids, other minerals, and essential nutrients to your scalp so that it can see new hair in no time.

  • Here, the dermatologist creates a liquid full of nutrients to treat this hair loss condition of patients as per their specific needs.
  • Later, they inject this nutrient solution in various areas of your scalp so that the nutrients reach the hair follicles easily.
  • This nutrient solution activates the hair follicle once again with all the nourishment, thereby contributing to hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy does not result in inflammation of any kind and it boosts the blood circulation where the hair growth is intended.
  • Mesotherapy will guarantee the patient’s minimum discomfort.

You can go for this hair loss treatment in chennai offered by reputable skin clinics any time. But you have to be prepared that this treatment requires multiple sessions depending on the hair loss condition of the individual. So, be ready for that.

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