Why Should You Use Interactive Floor Plans for Conferences?

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Your event should spark a better participant experience, and it takes a lot. From planning and management to incorporating fun activities and decorating a floor plan, everything counts in a good experience. Talking specifically about the floor plan, a conference event will heavily depend on it. Your participants must not ask “Where am I?” and “Where should I go?” questions. The navigation must be easier and friendly with indoor and outdoor mapping. This post will explain why you should use interactive floor plans for conferences. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Benefits of Interactive Floor Plan:

Event floor designing can make a meaningful difference in your conference. Your participants must navigate easily through the floor to reach the destination. Moreover, you stand greater chances of making revenue through sponsorships with interactive floor plans. Floor planning could be challenging, but not when you choose the right venue. The management can help you with indoor and outdoor planning for streamlined navigation. The following list will reveal a few benefits of an interactive floor plan for your next conference event. Let us scroll through the list without any further discussion!

1. Improved participant experience:

Your conference attendees will feel frustrated if they miss a session. They might find it hard to locate the right theatre or destination with complex floor planning. Why not streamline the experience with an interactive and easy-to-understand floor plan? A frustrated audience will vote against your conference, negatively affecting your Net Promoter Score (NPS). You can enhance your attendee experience with an interactive floor plan.

Interactive and user-friendly floor plans can open up details for participants. With clear markers and recommendations, they will attend your conference on time without missing a session or breaking your flow by entering in the middle of the session.

2. A cost-efficient decision:

Event organizers used to print maps and other materials to be placed in the venue. This directional signage, along with onsite staff, proved to be costly. Why not develop an interactive floor plan to avoid the extra cost of printing directional marks or recruiting staff members? It will help you cut the extra cost and spend it somewhere else.

Event organizers can save time and money with interactive floor planning. You can choose the best Dubai conference center and let management help you with an interactive plan. You can avoid unnecessary costs and effort in directing your audience to the right location.

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3. Revenue opportunities with sponsors:

Do you want to highlight the top exhibitors at your conference? It will help you earn revenue with sponsorship signage options. You should ask sponsors to print directional markers with their logos on the front. Your audience would love this interaction, and what if they connect with the brand? You can open up a new revenue stream for your business!

It could be a great opportunity for brands to connect with sponsors. These brands can help you reach your target audience with pre-conference promotion on social media channels. Multiple promotional campaigns will help you spread the word about your conference.

4. Improved navigation:

You can provide your attendees with smoother and easier navigation by using interactive floor plans. Conference participants will easily locate the spot or conference room without wandering around. Ensuring this hassle-free navigation will enhance your NPS score. You must also define the easy routes to the conference hall to help everyone take the shortcut.

Accurate navigation can save time and energy. Your participants are not free enough to search the entire building to locate your conference hall. Anything off the chart, and they will probably leave the building. Therefore, you should always be careful with your navigation and floor plans.

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5. Improved accessibility:

Accessibility is a crucial requirement for your conference event. Interactive floor planning can help you enhance accessibility to your conference hall without a hassle. You can provide your attendees with easy-to-follow directions to help them save time and energy. Map their way from their current location to avoid mishaps and frustrations. The more interactive the floor plan, the easier the accessibility.

Being a smart organizer, you should incorporate accessible routes into your interactive floor plan. It will benefit your audience by locating the right conference center in Dubai and saving time. Do you want to establish an interactive plan for your next conference? You should choose the Dubai conference center and let management help you with the floor planning. You can combat attendee churn and increase the number of participants in your next conference.

Design an interactive floor plan for your next conference!

Planning and managing your next conference could be hectic. However, you should follow the checklist and cater to the basic needs. Never ignore floor planning, as it can make a difference. An interactive floor plan will help you improve navigation and accessibility and save money on several fronts. Always design an interactive floor plan for your event!

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