Canon electric geyser

Why Should You Buy A Canon Electric Geyser Over A Gas One?

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In today’s world, having access to hot water is crucial. Consequently, investing in a Canon electric geyser to meet your hot water demand is a good decision. Convenience is the primary benefit of an electric geyser. By just flipping a switch, it enables you to get hot water in just 15 minutes. Furthermore, electric water heaters are long-lasting and robust.

Specifications Of An Electric Water Heater

Canon’s Electric Geyser stands out as a reliable and cost-effective option. It is a wise decision for households looking for a safe and reliable hot water option. Additionally, the following features best describe this electric water heater:

Temperature Controlling Knob

The days of estimating the ideal temperature for your hot water needs are over. The frontal temperature control knob on this Canon Electric Geyser allows customers to precisely adjust the water temperature. It implies that you may adjust the water’s temperature to your preference. Additionally, it guarantees a comfortable experience each time you open the tap.

15-liter Capacity 

The electric water heater’s 15-liter capacity guarantees you will never run out of hot water. This geyser is capable of providing you with enough hot water, regardless of whether you have a large family or merely need it for multiple tasks.

Canon Electric Geyser With Anti-Freeze Function

The anti-freeze feature of this electric geyser is significant for people who live in colder areas. In addition, it keeps the geyser’s interior parts safe and extends its lifespan by preventing freezing throughout the winter. In areas where temperatures can drop rapidly, this function is very helpful. As a result, even under adverse weather circumstances, it offers assurance and durability.

Energy-Efficiency In Every Drop

Nowadays, energy efficiency is of utmost importance. With its high-thickness polyurethane insulation, the Canon electric water heater allays this worry. The water within the geyser will stay hot for extended periods without the need for regular reheating thanks to this insulation’s reduction of heat loss. This function not only helps you save money but also promotes environmental sustainability by using less energy.

TBST High-Performance Thermostat

Safety is the foremost concern when it comes to electrical appliances, especially those that work with water. The high-performance TBST thermostat included in the Canon Electric Geyser precisely controls the water temperature to avoid overheating. By maintaining the water at a constant and safe temperature, this cutting-edge technology reduces the chance of scalding incidents.

Durable ABS Plastic Tank

The ABS plastic tank of the geyser is evidence of Canon’s commitment to durability and corrosion resistance. The ABS plastic tank guarantees a longer lifespan for the geyser while retaining water quality, in contrast to conventional metal tanks that are susceptible to rust and corrosion over time. This advancement benefits homeowners by giving them peace of mind and long-term value.¬†

ELCB Double Protection

The Canon electric water heater is equipped with an ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) double protection system. This feature detects any electrical imbalances and cuts off the power supply. As a result, it minimizes the risk of electric shocks and enhances overall safety for users.

Optimal Performance

The Canon Electric Geyser uses 2000 watts of power and functions effectively at 220 volts. Effective heating is guaranteed thanks to this controlled power usage, which spares your electrical system from unnecessary stress. It aligns with a contemporary energy-conscious way of life by balancing performance and energy efficiency.

Safety Valve For Release Extra Pressure

The Canon electric water heater demonstrates its commitment to user safety by including a safety valve. Water heating systems that have pressure buildup run the danger of experiencing leaks or perhaps the tank exploding, which is a very significant problem. Thus, when the internal pressure rises above a safe level, the safety valve releases the extra pressure as protection. By putting less pressure on the geyser’s components, this advancement not only averts possible mishaps but also extends the geyser’s lifespan. Thus, it is a secure and reliable addition to any household.

Reasons To Buy Canon Electric Geyser

The following are the main reasons to buy an electric water heater:

Requires Less Maintenance

In general, compared to gas water heaters, electric geysers require less maintenance. For optimal combustion and ventilation gas water heaters need to be regularly inspected. There are fewer components to keep an eye on with electric geysers. As a result, it requires less regular upkeep and less frequent safety issues.

Easy To Install

Without the requirement for exhaust vents or gas lines, electric geysers may be put in a variety of places, even indoors. Gas water heaters require sufficient gas supply infrastructure and good ventilation. As a result, gas geysers may add to the installation challenges and security concerns.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

As a consequence of combustion, gas water heaters release carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a poisonous gas that has no color or smell and can be fatal in large doses. CO doesn’t get released from electric geysers. As a result, they are safer for interior installations as they don’t require ventilation to get rid of dangerous gases.

1 Year Warranty

Warranties are quite valuable since buying household appliances involves some amount of risk. The Canon Electric Geyser has a significant 1-year warranty. It demonstrates the brand’s commitment to the geyser’s quality and reliability. This warranty not only provides comfort but also highlights Canon’s dedication to client satisfaction.

Final Words

Since they have more safety features than gas water heaters, electric water heaters are typically thought to be a safer purchase. Numerous homes prefer the Canon Electric Geyser because it requires less upkeep. You can buy this electric water heater from M&S Electronics.

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