Cat's Eye Gemstone (lehsuniya stone

Who And When To Wear Cat’s Eye Gemstone

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Cats-eye or Lehsunia gemstone is associated with Ketu in astrology. This gem has a shiny and unique appearance like a cat’s eye, which gives it its name. According to astrology, when Ketu is in your zodiac sign, it can create problems for you. And in that situation, wearing cat eye gemstone is auspicious. It is a gemstone with powerful planetary energies and shows results quickly. It is considered beneficial as it calms your mind and helps you overcome all kinds of difficulties. But it may not work the same way for everyone. Know who can wear Cats’ eye Lehsunia gemstone and who should not.

Who should wear Lehsuniya (Cats Eye) gemstone?

You can strengthen Ketu in your horoscope by wearing the gemstone. This will also help you overcome unnecessary fear. Cats’ eye gemstones can reduce the negative effects of Ketu. The gemstone is good for people who have Ketu in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th houses of their horoscope.

The gemstone is also suitable for people who have Ketu with the Sun or are influenced by the Sun in their horoscope. The gemstone can be worn by people who have Ketu in conjunction with Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in their birth chart. The gemstone is beneficial for people who are in the Antardasha and Mahadasha of Ketu.

If a child is having repeated visions, then wearing a silver locket with garlic in it will be helpful. Cats’ eye stone is auspicious for people who have Ketu with the lord of the fifth house or with Bhagyesh in their horoscope. If a businessman is facing continuous losses in his business, then he can consult astrologers and wear a cats-eye gemstone. This will help him complete all his pending work. If you are suffering from mental stress then you can wear the gemstone. This will calm your mind.

How to wear Cat’s Eye Stone: A complete breakdown

Wearing a Cat’s Eye is not straightforward. Various factors need to be taken into account. Moreover, one needs to do a careful analysis of the birth chart before wearing this precious gemstone. You can buy gemstones online.

In which finger must Cat’s Eye be worn?

The Cat’s Eye should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

There is a detailed astrological guideline that one has to follow to wear this gemstone. To get maximum benefits, you need to follow the Vedic rituals. For that, you can buy natural cat eye stones online.

The weight of the gemstone should be between 3-7 carats or rates. Different metals are compatible with the Cat’s Eye. You can choose Platinum, Panchdhatu, Write Gold, and Silver. Now, the owner can choose as per their financial condition.

The day you must wear Cat’s Eye

You should wear the Cat’s Eye stone on a Tuesday morning before sunrise during the Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha. However, you can also wear it on a Thursday.

You need to follow the religious steps as advised by the astrologers to activate the potential of the Cat’s Eye. One of the best ways to awaken its precious powers is to go to a temple. However, you can also do the ritual at your home’s temple. You need to be very careful while obeying the rules.

How to purify a cat’s eye stone?

Before wearing the Cat’s Eye stone, you have to purify it. For that, you have to gather these items.

Tulsi leaves Ganga Jal Cow’s milk (unboiled) Ghee Honey You have to soak the gemstone in a vessel containing the Panchamrut (five items). After that, wash it with water again. Next, you have to offer stone flowers, incense sticks, and vermilion to get the deities’ blessings. Chant the mantra mentioned above 108 times to make sure that the ring is charged. Now, take it out of the bowl and put it on your finger right away!

Wrapping Up

The Cat’s Eye gemstone is a powerful and auspicious stone that can help you overcome the problems caused by Ketu in your horoscope. However, not everyone can wear it and you need to consult an astrologer before wearing it. You also need to follow the Vedic rituals and guidelines to wear them properly and get the maximum benefits. You need to wear it on the right finger, on the right day, and after purifying it with the Panchamrut. The Cat’s Eye gemstone can calm your mind, improve your business, and protect you from evil influences.

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