Berlin, city in Germany

Where do students live in Berlin?

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Pulsating with museums, cultural landmarks, and rich history. Berlin is the place to be. It is one of the most creative, hip, and progressive cities in Europe. The capital of Germany, this place is one of the best to be. Berlin is a beautiful city packed to the brim with history and here you can enjoy different food, incredible culture, and striking artwork. The city is made up of 12 districts boasting a wide range of green spaces, swimming lakes, and a range of 2,500 public parks and gardens.

Students across the world come to this place to study in some of the prestigious educational institutions. Here you can see an increase in the number of students who are coming to Berlin. Here you can find affordable student homes in Berlin quite challenging. You can find different student housing platform that specializes in Purpose-Built Students Accommodation where you can find some of the best student housing options. They offer private accommodations that are newly built and come with a wide range of amenities needed for comfortable living.

Student Residences in Berlin

The most common student accommodation Berlin is flatshares. A student residence can be public or private. If your university offers a wide range of opportunities for booking a room in a residence in Berlin, chances are the free spots that get occupied fast. In such cases, you can look for different private student residences in Berlin. However, you might be higher due to the extra services and commodities offered. Student residences in Berlin offer private rooms shared bathrooms and common kitchens. If you are looking for a place with study rooms, a private gym and laundry. You can even cinema rooms with student residences are the best choice.

However, when it gets too problematic or posh to book a room in a student abode in Berlin. The students decide to rent an apartment in Berlin. When you are looking for a community experience where you can connect with other international students as well as trainees. You can easily rent a room for comfortable living. You will get to enjoy the privacy of renting a flatshare in Berlin with a private room just for you while still being part of the community of tenants across Europe.

What makes Berlin unique?

Berlin might be a modern city, but it has a long and vast history. The people of this city have seen the Cold War. The city is getting quite popular for being one of the main culinary hotspots. It is one of the paradises of any foodie. Here you can find authentic German cuisine the international street food. The best part about this city is that you can find a lot of things for expats of every nationality. Party animals are glad to know that this city is famed for its outrageous nightlife.

Student Accommodation in Berlin

3 top student accommodation includes:

Mitte-Wedding Berlin

Mitte Wedding is one of the best accommodations. It is modern and it is meant for comfort living in the heart of the city. it is located within proximity to all the prestigious universities. Humboldt University is around 11 minutes’ drive away and New York University, Berlin is just 6 minutes from the accommodation. You can easily reach by bus. Even the Bard College is around 17 minutes away by bus. The neighborhood is quite popular because of the public transport connectivity. The nearest bus stop is around 5 minutes away from the property. During the weekends, one can shop for everything needed at the Zeel International Store. It is located within walking distance of the property.

Berlin Adlershoff Berlin

Another too-notch property, this accommodation is situated at Buchnerweg. It is situated within a distance of 1.1 miles. It takes around 20 minutes to reach this place by walking. This place is located near the public transportation links so commuting is convenient over here. The bus stops are around 4 minutes away from here and the nearest train and tram station is around 8 minutes away.

Berlin Mitte Berlin

It is a new and modern accommodation which is added with a lot of luxury amenities. this accommodation is nestled in the heart of the city and it offers a vibrant nightlife. The Humboldt University is around 20 minutes away. So, you can take a bus and reach your morning lectures. The Technische Universitat Berlin is just 20 minutes away from the accommodation.

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