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When to Start Using Internet-Protocol Telephony Services?

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IP telephony is a modern service that largely comes into use for communication. The service makes use of the internet for this purpose. It is ideally suggested for businesses when they undergo certain challenges. The top internet service provider in the country, Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group finds IP telephony to be effective to quickly deal with these challenges so that losses can be prevented in business. The nature of these challenges can vary from one business to another. When they relate to hardware, expenditure, communication, etc., internet-protocol telephony should be invested in, says Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group. It does require capital; however, it yields cost-effectiveness to a great extent along with resolving business challenges.

When Does the Need for IP Telephony Services Emerge?

A business can face difficulties related to communication. Post the pandemic of COVID-19, these difficulties have increased for ventures that operate remotely. During these instances, the need for IP telephony services can emerge. They can effectively resolve gaps in connecting with employees and clients.

As other scenarios rise, such as the ones given below, businesses can start using IP telephony:

  1. Growing Cost of Landlines

Calling via official landlines is required due to different reasons. But when these calls are made more than often, the cost of using these can grow. The top internet service provider in Bangladesh, BOL by BEXIMCO Group says that business expenditure on calling can rise. Given that modern solutions are available, it will be ideal to manage these costs when possible.

With internet-protocol telephony, calls can be made in huge numbers. Moreover, the solution will remain cost-effective.

  1. Difficulties in Managing Hardware

Bangladesh Online (BOL) by BEXIMCO Group believes that, companies or businesses can decide to operate via hardware. With this equipment, it is vital to maintain it on a regular basis. This requires time, capital, and professionals. This situation can be more challenging for small-scale ventures as well as startups.

The need for managing hardware can be greatly reduced with internet-protocol telephony. This solution eliminates the need for excessive hardware management.

  1. Rising Challenges in Managing Multiple Tools/Platforms

According to Bangladesh Online (BOL), there are multiple tools, spaces, as well as platforms that a business can use, owing to different operations. Due to multiple reasons, however, managing all of these can lead to complexities.

IP telephony solutions come with useful features including integration. When a business begins to find complexities in managing different tools, this feature should be availed. Thus, only one space will have to be accessed to exercise a set of functions.

For Which Purpose Is IP Telephony Useful?

Businesses can utilize internet-protocol telephony mainly for calling. Both voice and video calls can be made using this service. These features are extremely useful for businesses to regulate their communication.

Along with these, the other uses of IP telephony include the following:

  • Sending text messages
  • Receiving as well as sending faxes
  • Initiating video conferencing

What do Businesses Need for Using IP Telephony?

As of now, to use services like internet-protocol telephony, investing in the right provider is needed. Aside from this, basic requisites for its setup have to be ensured, says the top internet service provider in Bangladesh, BOL by BEXIMCO Group.

Initially, when IP telephony was provided, more capital and hardware requirements were involved. In recent times, this service, more ease has been introduced. Now, expensive hardware requirements are not involved. As a result of this, the cost of the solution has become more reasonable.

When Involving Customizations

It is to be noted that the requirements to use IP telephony can increase when the service is to be customized. These requirements will depend on the nature of customization. Accordingly, businesses can determine whether more desktop IP phones, routers, LAN connections, etc., will be needed.

In a scenario wherein more requirements are needed to use internet-protocol telephony, costs can rise as opposed to standard solutions. Interestingly, even when more investments are made, the solution remains cost-effective and highly useful.


IP telephony is undoubtedly a service worth investing in, as per BOL. The top internet service provider in Bangladesh considers it to be useful for managing business complexities. As and when complexities like high expenditures, greater hardware management, etc., arise, this service can be switched to. The sooner it is used, the faster IP telephony can help resolve such challenges.

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