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If you are looking for a new festival to celebrate, then Festivus is IT. It’s got everything you need for a holiday, such as special Festivus decorations and icons. What’s more, it isn’t tied to any culture or religion, so anyone can have fun celebrating it.

But of course, it is not as old or as well-known as Halloween or Christmas. Many people won’t even be aware of what it is and where it came from. If that sounds like you, then this article is for you. We will discuss the festival and tell you some interesting ways to celebrate it. Stick around, and we’ll point you to where you can start preparing. Let’s go!

What exactly is Festivus?

Festivus is a secular holiday that is celebrated as an alternative to Christmas on the 23rd of December. It was created to move away from the commercialization of Christmas and seek to bring something new. It was originally created by Daniel O’Keefe in 1966 to commemorate his first date with his wife.

However, later on, this day took on a new meaning when his son Dan O’Keefe worked on the acclaimed TV series, In 1997, an episode called. “The Strike” aired where the characters were depicted celebrating the day.

Since the episode, many people have begun to adopt this holiday and embrace it. Allen Salkin even made it the focus of his 2005 book titled “Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us.” People now celebrate it using various Festivus decorations and traditions.

Why celebrate Festivus?

Festivus is a secular holiday that people celebrate to air their grievances, celebrate feats of strength, and much more. It is quite jovial and comedic in nature as well. It is not as serious as other holidays, nor is it as commercialized as Christmas. This makes it truly a festival “for the rest of us.”

One of the most common Festivus decorations is a simple pole. Festivus pole, as it’s known, is an unadorned aluminum bar. It is similar to a Christmas tree and opposes the commercialization of Christmas by being simple and low-maintenance. However, it has to be noted that using a Festivus pole instead of a Christmas tree saves a tree.

People also get together to have a Festivus dinner. Immediately after, people air their grievances. People speak their hearts out to their loved ones and openly discuss things they otherwise would not have. According to some mental health professionals, this can even be good for one’s mental health.

After that comes the “feats of strength,” where the head of the household challenges someone else to a wrestling match. The holiday isn’t over until the head is pinned and downed for the count. All of this is good fun and can be great for family bonding or if you’re bored and want to try out something new instead of the same old Christmas.

Festivus decorations and how to use them

We went over the Festivus pole, but there are many other Festivus decorations you can get your hands on.

Flower bouquets

You can’t go wrong with a flower bouquet. While not strictly for Festivus, you can use bouquets to elevate the environment of your home during the holiday season. Using red roses and white jasmine can complement the winter colors. However, you can use whatever combination you see fit.

The best thing about flowers is that they’re not just for looks. Flowers also give off a sweet aroma that can improve the atmosphere. The more flowers, the more the smells. We recommend having a bouquet in each room or a single big one in the living room.

Dinner decorations

Your dinner is the focus of your Festivus celebrations. It is, after all, what you and the guests are likely looking forward to. Having a full-course meal like turkey or a rotisserie chicken is the best way to go about it.

You can add different spices and candles to the table to act as decoration and enhance the eating experience. Furthermore, food decorations such as specially cut dishes, uniquely arranged salads, and designer plates can all play a role.

Festivus wreaths

If bouquets sound mainstream, then perhaps wreaths are for you. Wreaths have all the best attributes of flower bouquets but provide more opportunities for decoration. You can hang them on walls and doors, or they can act as centerpieces. They can also be hung on walls to bring the room together as well. It’s your call, and you decide what to do.

Wreaths are available in a variety of colors, designs, and materials that you can choose from. If you are so inclined, you can create a wreath yourself and have it be the focal point of your room. Wreaths are diverse and versatile and look perfect in whatever setting you put them in. If nothing else, you have to try Festivus wreaths to celebrate.

Festivus printables

This is a cheap and effective way to celebrate Festivus. The day is against over-commercialization, after all. You can have special printed material prepared to use for the holiday. The best thing about this option is that you can have anything printed in whatever size you want.

Many people go for printed letters like the ones you see on birthdays. You can have these printables say “Merry Festivus” or perhaps write a personalized message for someone. The opportunities are endless, and you can have it say anything you want. A traditional message, an inside joke, a welcoming sign, or even a mystery. It’s your call.

Winter decorations

Since Festivus takes place during the middle of winter, perhaps winter decorations will suit you more. For instance, snow globes, sweaters, mittens, and socks can all be pretty good decorations. These are quite mainstream, but that’s because they have a sense of winter spirit that few things do. With these, you can easily tell the season.

Ultimately, it’s your call. There are a plethora of decorations you can find and add to your winter decorations. Stoneware crocks, bowls, birch ornaments, or mirrors are used all over the world. These are versatile and can easily be added to any home to elevate their ambiance. However, be sure to experiment with new things and add your own flair.

How to start?

We discussed what Festivus is and what it represents. Ironically, it is not a holiday that emerged over the years from cultural and ritualistic practices. It was, instead, born from a family event that was carried to the mainstream by one of the most acclaimed comedy shows of all time. That itself is quite amazing.

Because of its unique history, it is not like any other holiday. Apart from common practices, Festivus can be whatever you want it to be. While you can decorate your home with Festivus poles, the opportunities are endless. There is always more you can do to elevate your home’s festival spirit, from flowers to winter decorations to just tags.

For us, wreaths are perhaps the most fitting and inspiring. Festivus wreaths are unique items that are handcrafted to be pretty. If you don’t want to craft one yourself, then you will love our recommendation. Festivus Festoons provides high-quality, hand-made Festivus decorations that you can use to decorate your home during the season.

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