What is the most visited place in Armenia

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Armenia is one of the popular destinations that receives a lot of tourists every year. The number of tourists of the place has increased. The mountain landscapes, the dramatic and the overpopulated place, the sparkling lakes, the gushing river and the scenery are something that attracts the visitors the most. Due to the amazing location of the place, everyone wants to visit the place once. Throughout this time, Armenia resolutely retained the rich culture and language.

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Dilijan National park

This park is situated to the north of the country and is a delight for all those who love nature, the outdoors and some amazing destinations. The peaceful hills, the ranges, the endless forest are some amazing things that you should surely explore here. Along this diverse flora and fauna you will even find some lakes that you can surely explore. These old monasteries date back to the 10th and 11th centuries. Dilijan national park is a lovely place and you should surely go hiking here.


This place lies on the banks of the Varak River. The scenic valley is situated in the mountain and the place is a lovely one to visit. There are a lot of historical places to visit here and the cultural landmarks of the place are also very exciting. The city is limned among the perfect ambling and it is so very peaceful. You can stroll around, have fun, explore the stone houses, and the fantastic museums of the art gallery. Goris is a pleasant and peaceful place and you can spend a couple of days enjoying the weather here. The surrounding mountains are captivating.

Debed Canyon

Debed canyon is the one that will let you enjoy magical experiences. It links Armenia to Georgia and there are breathtaking beautiful landscapes here that you should surely explore. Each village has amazing historic sights that are worth exploring, you can check out the churches, the forts and everything that is on display. There are must see attractions here which lie along the route that includes Haghpat and sanahin.

There are a lot of great hiking trails here and the place is surrounded by the mountains and the villages. The culture is rich, the history is deep rooted and there is a lot for you to explore.

Khor Virap Monastery

The place is set up among the jaw dropping scenery and is a place that is worth the visit. The monastery is renowned throughout the country for the stunning backdrops. The exquisite chapel is built remarkably and the additions to it that were made later made it worth the visit. 

Lake Sevan

This is the largest lake here that stretches over a long distance. The place has a lot of recreational opportunities for you. The impressive and the old monasteries can be found along the scenic shores.

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