What Is PDO Thread Lift And How To Use It

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The Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift is a minimally invasive aesthetic technique wherein biodegradable threads composed of PDO substance are inserted into the dermis to elevate and firm lax tissues. These naturally degradable threads function to promote the synthesis of collagen, so augmenting the flexibility of the skin and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.


Mechanism of Action: 1. Thread Insertion: The process involves the insertion of PDO threads, characterized by their slender and sleek nature, into the dermis using a tiny needle or cannula at predefined locations. The threads play a crucial role in providing structural reinforcement to the integumentary system and triggering the body’s innate healing mechanisms.


  1. The insertion of threads results in an instantaneous lifting effect by the repositioning of the skin and underlying soft tissues. This intervention contributes to the mitigation of sagging skin and the enhancement of face features.


  1. Collagen Stimulation: Over a period of time, the polydioxanone (PDO) threads induce the synthesis of collagen inside the dermal layers. Collagen, as a protein, has a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity and flexibility of the skin. This protein contributes to a sustained renewing impact, persisting even after the dissolution of the threads.


There are many types of PDO threads, one of which is smooth threads. These threads are employed to enhance the smoothness and flexibility of the skin, as well as to target fine wrinkles and stimulate the creation of collagen.


Barbed and cog threads are characterized by the presence of minuscule barbs or cogs, which impart a more pronounced lifting effect in contrast to their smooth counterparts. These devices are well-suited for the purpose of elevating lax skin and augmenting the shape and structure of the face.


Advantages: – This procedure is non-invasive and requires minimum recovery time.

The intervention yielded prompt outcomes with sustained enhancements over a period of time.

The stimulation of collagen formation results in a sustained impact.

This product has the versatility to be applied to different regions of the face and body.


The use of PDO thread lifts in Los Angeles necessitates the involvement of a duly licensed and proficient medical practitioner, such as a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The standard approach encompasses the subsequent steps:


  1. Consultation: A comprehensive consultation with the patient is conducted to ascertain their objectives, assess their eligibility for the operation, and devise an individualized treatment strategy.


  1. Preparatory measures involve cleansing the designated region to be treated, followed by the potential administration of a local anesthetic to mitigate any potential discomfort.


  1. Thread Insertion Technique: The process of inserting threads involves the utilization of a slender needle or cannula to carefully introduce the threads into the skin, targeting specific preset regions as outlined in the treatment plan.


  1. Thread manipulation and refinement: The threads that have been introduced are carefully manipulated in order to get the required elevation and shape. It is possible to remove surplus threads.


  1. Postoperative Rehabilitation and Follow-up: It is recommended that patients refrain from engaging in physically demanding activities and adhere to the prescribed postoperative care guidelines. Mild edema and ecchymosis may manifest, although often resolve within a few period of time.


  1. Subsequent session: Patients may be scheduled for a subsequent session to assess their progress and implement any required modifications.


PDO thread lifts provide a viable alternative for those desiring a revitalized and elevated aesthetic without the inherent hazards and recovery period often connected with surgical interventions. It is important to get guidance from a certified healthcare practitioner in order to ascertain the appropriateness of this process for your individual requirements.

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