What is Awakening and Enlightenment?

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What is awakening and why is it?

This is the billion-dollar question, one that defies words.

In this video, Doug and Catherine Sensei discuss awakening and what difference it can make in your life. They have committed a lifetime of study, teaching and being a living embodiment of “awakening.”

Enlighten-Up is a Planet Dharma facebook livestream session with Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. These candid talks on spirituality and awakening are to enliven and enlighten you, as the world spins in challenging times.

What is Awakening?

Awakening and enlightenment are profound states of expanded consciousness and self-realization. Awakening refers to the process of becoming aware and conscious, while enlightenment signifies a deeper spiritual understanding and connection. Discover the meaning, characteristics, and transformative power of awakening and enlightenment. Explore the meaning and significance of awakening, a shift in perception and awareness, leading to clarity and insight.

Awake is the Opposite of Asleep

The opposite of awakening is the darkness of ignorance. No one wants to live his or her life asleep or in ignorance. Our normal ego consciousness however is run on unconscious habits. 80% of the time we are asleep to our brighter nature. Another word for awakening is enlightenment…being shinier.

Awakening Together

We are awakening together all the time. It’s a process of evolution. For example we were once asleep to being aware of the planet and our environment and now we are waking up together and no longer ignoring that climate change and environmental destruction is real. It requires our collective awakening to change the course of history. We are waking up to the things we were previously unconscious to and the things the collective and individual egos could not recognize.

Awakening is a natural process, and it can be slow and challenging. At our meditation centre, Clear Sky, we train to speed up the awakening process. One could compare accelerated spiritual awakening to training for the Olympics. When we work at the top of our game we increase the bliss.

Awakening is Found in Spaciousness

We’ve been conditioned with objects and forget what is really important in life. In the spiritual life what is really important is a sense of spaciousness. That’s where the awakening comes from. We might not like it because there is no “me” in spaciousness. It is a deconstructing process. You are basically training really hard to do nothing, to find a good state of calm, blissfulness and clarity. There is less suffering in the awakened state. Ultimately it’s something that is meant to be experienced in every cell of our organism. It’s a physiological process called the ‘great healing’.

Universal Milestones on the Path

There are milestones on the path to awakening that are universal. It’s beneficial to have someone who has had the awakening experience recognize what the milestones are and what they are not. Being together in a conscious community of awakening beings increases our chances of remembering the awakening and not falling asleep.

Dharma Teachers and Spiritual Mentors

Dharma Teachers Qapel (Doug Duncan) and Sensei (Catherine Pawasarat) teach meditation and act as spiritual mentors to students internationally and at their retreat center in BC, Canada.  Having lived overseas for many years and traveled extensively, Doug and Catherine draw on intercultural and trans-cultural experience to broaden the range and depth of their understandings of liberation that they share with others.

Source URL: https://www.planetdharma.com/video-what-is-awakening/

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