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What factors should you consider when renovating an old building’s roof?

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Many individuals fantasize about living in an old building flat with wooden floors, lofty ceilings, and double doors. However, to realize this ambition, the owners must routinely carry out maintenance work, including renovating the old building’s roof. We’ve summarised why many historic buildings need roof renovations and what you should consider.

What do you mean by an old building?

“Old building is not a sharply defined term – buildings named like this can come from the early years of the twentieth century as well as the period after 1950,” Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. adds. Most historic buildings are inadequately insulated and have exceptionally high energy usage due to their age. That is why energy-saving remodeling is often worthwhile and this is only possible when you contact Residential Roofing Contractors NY NY.

Is my old building’s façade and roof in need of inspection and renovation?

A significant number of old buildings, according to Local Law 11, should have had their façades inspected and investigated. However, due to several exceptions, the restoration of old buildings is still pending in many cases, particularly when it comes to the roof. If the previous owner of an old building owned the house, he was resistant to this regulation as long as he did not undertake any inspection or renovation work on it. You must consult Local Law 11 contractor NY for this reason.

When should I re-insulate my roof after a roof renovation on an ancient building?

If an ancient structure that has not been renovated changes hands, whether by purchase or inheritance, the new owner is required to insulate the floor ceiling or roof space. It is also required to insulate the roofs of historic buildings if the living space is changed (for example, through an attic conversion) or if more than 10% of the roof area must be replaced during repairs. Of course, if there is damage to the roof, it must be re-roofed or repaired by the expert Flat Roof Contractors NY NY.

Insulating a historic building’s roof: These alternatives are available.

There are several methods for insulating a historic building’s roof:

Insulation from the inside of the rafters

The most cost-effective type of insulation is inter-rafter insulation. In this case, the insulation is simply clamped from the inside of the roof between the rafters. This option is especially recommended if the inside of the roof is easily accessible from the inside and the interior liner does not need to be removed first. If there is insufficient room between the rafters, energy savings can be increased by doubling the roof rafters or utilizing under-rafter insulation.

Insulation for rafters

Rafter insulation is the most effective but also the most difficult solution. The roof covering must be removed for the insulating material (such as tiles, stones, or roofing felt) to be put into the roof substructure directly beneath the covering. It is also feasible to make the roof structure visible from the interior by employing over-rafter insulation, which is a fashionable aesthetic device these days when creating attic flats.

Insulation above and between rafters

Because over-rafter insulation requires the removal of the entire covering, it may be desirable to install the insulation between the rafters from the outside and complement it with over-rafter insulation.

That is likely the most popular option because it combines the qualities of both systems and, as a result, provides the best price-performance ratio.

Insulation for the attic

The fourth insulating variant is once again more manageable. The top-story ceiling, rather than the roof, is insulated. That is especially true if the attic is not to be transformed into a living space and the floor below does not have sloping ceilings. Because the ceiling insulation only covers the attic floor. Everything beneath must be insulated separately from the inside and outside. In most situations, the floor hatch must also be replaced with an insulated version. Old floor hatches are frequently draughty and uninsulated.

Do you have any queries concerning upgrading the roof of your (ancient building)? As professional Roof Repair Contractors NYC, we at Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. will be delighted to advise you on any roofing project. Call or email us at any time; we will assist you!

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