What Are The Popular Trends In Custom Washi Tape Designs?

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Learn about the fascinating world of custom washi tape designs, where imagination has no bounds, and each roll has a different tale to tell. Trends appear in this ever-changing field and capture the attention of craftsmen, artists, and fans alike. Are you prepared to explore the intriguing world of current trends in custom washi tape designs?


The enchanted realm of nature-inspired designs is one of the current trends. Custom washi tape enables you to incorporate a little nature into your crafts, whether through delicate floral designs that conjure up the beauty of a blossoming garden or colourful fauna themes that take you to a wonderful woodland. Take in the fresh air-filled tranquil elegance of lush vines, enchanting vistas, and detailed animal shapes.


Abstract and geometric patterns have dominated the world of custom washi tape and are perfect for individuals looking for a splash of color and vibrancy. Bold, interlocking forms in vibrant colors produce a powerful visual effect that is ideal for giving your crafts a modern edge. Allow your creativity to soar as you investigate the limitless combinations of triangles, circles, squares, and lines to produce a kaleidoscope of designs that will make a lasting impression on your artistic endeavours.


Taking a step into retro style, these patterns with vintage influences are making a stunning resurgence. Enjoy the nostalgic appeal of vintage florals, traditional fonts, and patterns that harken back to ancient ages.

Nature-Inspired Designs

Floral Fantasia: Exploring the Beauty of Blossoms

  • Delicate flowers in various shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Blossoming blooms, from roses and daisies to cherry blossoms and sunflowers

Whimsical Fauna: Adding a Touch of Nature’s Delight

  • Delicate flowers in various shapes, sizes, and colors
  • Blossoming blooms, from roses and daisies to cherry blossoms and sunflowers

Leafy Vines and Botanical Bliss: Embracing Organic Patterns

  • Intricate leafy vines, ferns, or ivy designs that bring a touch of nature indoors
  • Botanical motifs inspired by lush gardens or tropical rainforests

Dreamy Landscapes: Transporting Your Crafts to Serene Scenes

  • Tranquil seascapes with rolling waves, seashells, or sailboats
  • Sunset or sunrise vistas, capturing the breathtaking colors of the sky

Earthy Elements: Incorporating Stones, Shells, and Woodgrain

  • Textures inspired by natural materials like rocks, pebbles, or stones
  • Seashells, starfish, or coral patterns for a beachy vibe

Oceanic Wonders: Capturing the Magic of the Sea

  • Marine life-inspired designs featuring majestic whales, playful dolphins, or colourful tropical fish
  • Nautical motifs like anchors, compasses, and ship wheels that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration

Fluttering Butterflies and Soaring Birds: Celebrating Winged Wonders

  • Whimsical illustrations of hummingbirds, capturing their enchanting hovering motion and iridescent plumage
  • Imaginative winged creatures like fairies or mythical birds that add a touch of fantasy and magic to your crafts
  • Bird motifs capturing the elegance and freedom of soaring avian creatures, from majestic eagles to delicate songbirds

Enchanting Forests: Unleashing the Mystical Power of Trees

  • Tree silhouettes against a backdrop of a starry night sky, evoking a sense of wonder and tranquillity
  • Whimsical tree patterns with whimsical branches, leaves, and roots intertwining in captivating arrangements
  • Tree-inspired designs depicting the strength, wisdom, and timeless beauty of majestic trees

Zen Gardens: Embracing Minimalist Nature-Inspired Designs

  • Bamboo patterns symbolising strength, flexibility, and tranquillity
  • Delicate cherry blossom designs, representing the fleeting beauty of nature and the arrival of spring

Whispers of the Wind: Graceful Swirls and Flowing Lines

  • Graceful and fluid designs inspired by the movement of the wind, capturing its ethereal and ephemeral nature
  • Swirling patterns, reminiscent of gentle breezes or powerful gusts, adding a dynamic and captivating element


Leafy Vines and Botanical Bliss

  • Intricate leafy vine designs that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your crafts
  • Botanical motifs inspired by lush gardens, showcasing an abundance of flowers, leaves, and stems
  • Delicate ivy patterns that symbolise growth, resilience, and the interconnectedness of nature
  • Tropical foliage designs with vibrant palm leaves, monstera leaves, or ferns that bring a touch of exotic beauty
  • Botanical wreaths and garlands that create a sense of natural abundance and celebration
  • Sprawling vines that create a sense of movement and dynamism, enhancing the visual interest of your crafts
  • Leafy borders and frames that add a botanical touch to photos, artwork, or scrapbook pages
  • Herbs and botanical elements like lavender, rosemary, or eucalyptus that add a soothing and aromatic element
  • Green color palettes, ranging from vibrant emerald to soft pastel shades, reflecting the lushness of nature


Fluttering Butterflies and Soaring Birds

  • Graceful butterfly designs in a myriad of colors and patterns, capturing their delicate and ethereal essence
  • Butterflies symbolising transformation, freedom, and the beauty of change in nature
  • Bird motifs representing the elegance, agility, and soaring spirit of avian creatures
  • Majestic birds of prey, such as eagles and hawks, showcasing their regal presence and keen eyesight
  • Whimsical illustrations of hummingbirds, capturing their enchanting hovering motion and vibrant plumage
  • Playful depictions of songbirds, like robins or canaries, adding a touch of cheerfulness and melodious charm
  • Winged creatures from mythology or folklore, like phoenixes or fairies, bringing a sense of magic and fantasy to your crafts
  • Butterflies and birds as symbols of hope, joy, and the beauty found in nature’s diversity
  • Intricate feather patterns and textures, showcasing the intricate details and unique markings of birds


How To Make A Custom Body Pillow Printed ?

A custom body pillow may be imprinted with any design using custom washi tape. Simply pick the design or pattern you want, clean the pillow’s surface, cut the tape to the right length, and place the tape carefully where you want it on the pillow. To ensure that the tape attaches firmly, use heat if necessary. Before checking the imprint, let it cool and set. You may express your creativity and add a special touch to your home decor with the help of custom washi tape, which offers countless options for making one-of-a-kind and personalised designs on body pillows.

End Note

Custom washi tape provides a versatile and creative way to add unique designs to a custom body pillow. Whether you want to imprint geometric patterns, floral designs, abstract artwork, or any other visual, this tape allows you to easily personalise your body pillow. You can achieve a perfect imprint by preparing the surface, cutting the tape, positioning it carefully, and securing it with heat. Customising your body pillow with washi tape opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to showcase your creativity, style, and personality in your home decor. So unleash your imagination to create stunning and personalised designs on your custom body pillow using washi tape.

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