Wedding Jewellery: Style Up For Your Big Day

Wedding Jewellery: Style Up For Your Big Day

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Weddings are crucial days in every woman’s life. It is their embarkment towards a new journey of their life. It is given that you want to style up to look the best on your day. While you are going to give your utmost attention to your outfit, let’s focus on the jewelry you want to wear on your special day. 

Following are the most known pieces of jewelry that you want to keep in mind while you planning your wedding attire. Read and find out more. 

Choker Set For Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good set of choker sets evoking regal vibes? There is a reason why antique designs of choker sets are a popular trend. But, on wedding days, not only does it have to be an enticing design but also comfortable, so you can enjoy your wedding day as well. 

The choker set may or may not include designer earrings with similar designs. There is a bridal choker set available that helps you manage and match your outfit better. There are various styles of wedding choker sets that one can invest in. There are antique choker sets, and diamond choker sets are the most popular among diamond jewelry lovers. 

Antique choker sets are inspired by regal traditional designs and studded with varying sizes of vibrant diamonds. Certain parts of this choker set are adorned with intricate nakshi work. The patterns elevate the regal aesthetics of the choker set.  

Diamond choker sets are more classic and chic in design studded with vibrant stones. The designs are inspired by modern trends and intricate geometric shapes to form the most enticing designs. The diamond choker set has a silver and rose gold finish. 

Necklace Set For Wedding 

Necklaces are one of the best ornaments to adorn on special occasions. Depending on the occasion you can go all out with the designs or wear delicate necklaces as well. A delicate combination of stunning necklaces and earrings of similar design makes the perfect accessory to adorn your bridal attire. 

Antique necklace set is the most regal set of jewellery to wear on your wedding day. It could be adorned with vibrant colored stone, Kundan sitting, pearls, and intricate nakshi patterns to make it more entrancing. The necklace designs are primarily inspired by flora and fauna designs. 

The diamond necklace set is designed with modern styles and geometric and floral patterns. It is studded with diamonds of varying colors, sizes, and shapes creating entrancing patterns of a necklace earring set.   

Maang Tikka For Wedding 

Your wedding attire is incomplete without a statement maang tikka. Who doesn’t love a classic piece of maang tikka to top the whole wedding attire? The more regal and intricate the pattern the better the maang tikka. The designs usually include spherical shapes, however with time the shapes have evolved, and now many shapes are included in the design. The patterns can be geometric or floral. They are studded with vibrant stone and often with Kundan style. 

Antique maang tikka is one of the best ways to add a traditional touch to your attire with ease. The intricate pattern of the statement maang tikka makes them perfect to fit the wedding aesthetics. 

Bracelet For Wedding 

Bracelets are the accessories to adorn your wrists with the most beautiful designs. The pattern includes floral and geometric shapes that make the best combination of jewellery to wear on your special day.  

There are two types of bracelets that you can wear. The traditional diamond bracelet where the designs are more chic and classy. The designs of the diamond bracelet are heavily inspired by nature and embrace geometric shapes. 

The antique loose bracelets are for the ones who prefer comfort and class. The bands of the antique bracelet are made of pearls, so it hang loose on the wrist and makes it look like the most entrancing ornament. Nakshi work is heavily used to create this type of jewelry as the plain band is too boring and nakshi elevates the aesthetics of the bracelet. 

Bangles For Wedding  

Bangles are the most essential part of your wedding attire. It holds cultural values as well as elevates the elegance of your wedding avatar. 

You can wear the traditional pola bangles or go with the modern designer bangles. The antique bangles make the perfect blend of traditional and modern designs to form the best stunning bangles to adorn your wrist. The designs could include vibrant colors of diamonds, nakshi work, and even embellishments to make them entrancing. 

The diamond bangles are perfect if you want to go for more modern designs and aesthetics. It is chic and blends well with any attire. 

Ring For Wedding 

Rings are the most essential part of any attire for any event. They are simple and easy to add to any occasion and have a charming look for the same with less effort. Whether you like minimalistic or dramatic designs, a ring is your perfect partner in styling. 

Weddings are your occasion to pull out the best of the rings you have (after your engagement ring of course). Is it even your wedding if you do not go all out with the designer ring? You can opt for a diamond ring or an antique ring.  Both have their perks and styling aesthetics to fit your needs. 

Diamond rings are more chic, and diamond studded designs focus on intricate patterns of design to fit the diamonds in the most stunning patterns. The design is mostly inspired by floral and geometric shapes to create some enticing designs. 

The antique rings are focused more on creating intricate patterns on solid surfaces with nakshi work. These rings are regal in design and studded with varying sizes of vibrant diamonds. They are slightly larger than your regular rings, and that’s kind of the point of adorning a unique ring on your wedding. 

Patla For Wedding 

If you plan to adorn any wrist accessory, we suggest you go for a Patla. Why? Well, it is regal to look at and blends well with the feels of the wedding. Whether you want a broader width of patla or a slim width, you can find the perfect patla that fits your needs well. 

The statement antique patla is made with geometric and floral designs. The patterns are intricate and eye catchy and thus perfect to adorn your wrist on your wedding day. The patla are of varying designs to give you options to choose from. 

Hath Panja For Wedding 

Hath panja is one of the traditional jewellery worn by women to adorn their wrists with royal treasures of diamonds and precious materials. With modern designs and affordable alternatives, it is easy to find the most regal hath panja designs to wear on your wedding day. 

Diamond or antique hath panja includes a bracelet connected with a central piece that also connects to a ring for fingers. The designs of hath panja are inspired by floral patterns and a few geometric shapes to elevate its elegance factor. Studded with varying shapes of diamonds they make the perfect jewellery for the wedding day. 

In conclusion, 

Styling up for your wedding can be trickier than you think. Worry not, we got you covered with some basic jewelry that would elevate the spark and styling aesthetics of your outfit. From a choker set to a ring, we have provided a simple to style up on your wedding day. You can find the jewellery mentioned here at Vijay Kangan, the best place to find imitation jewellery. 

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