Ways to Pick and Arrange African Mudcloth Pillow

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Choosing and arranging pillows may appear difficult, but there is a trick to make your sofa pillows look beautiful. There are techniques, and we’ve incorporated them in an African mud cloth pillow suggestions we’ll provide you here. After you’ve chosen your favorite pillows and followed these pillow-decorating techniques. Feel free to change up your decorative pillows and add creativity to your decor.

Stay calm about how you arrange your decorative cushions. Avoid overthinking the cushion arrangement or pattern. Note that you can always switch out the cushions and arrange them in various positions. Because of this adaptability, pillows are one of the simplest methods to modify the aesthetic of your area. Pillows are affordable, compact, and ideal for bringing a splash of color or a quirky design to any room. Below is how to arrange pillows for an amazing appearance!

Consider the number of pillows required.

Most of you know the advice of usually arranging with odd numbers, such as three or five. This design tip also applies to cushion style, especially if you desire a more diverse or contemporary aesthetic.

If you’re arranging a bigger sofa, this design guideline can be ignored! Try utilizing an odd number of cushions, such as six, with three decorative pillows at each end of the couch. You can ignore the odd/even cushion rule if you use a huge sectional couch. Decorate in odd-numbered groups if you’d prefer your decorative cushion combination to be more trendy or diverse.

Combine different pillow designs and materials.

When choosing decorative cushions, it’s fine to mix designs. Go ahead and experiment! You can use a dot throw cushion with a damask design. However, keep in mind to vary the materials of your throw pillows. If your cushions are made of a different material, including a shag-covered or faux cushion is okay. Faux fur cushions contrast beautifully with more conventional tweeds.

Pattern combining might be frightening initially, so explore online for idea posters and instances of design combining you like to do. When you’ve decided to experiment with different pillow designs and materials, we suggest you begin with a solid color cushion. A solid color should be used for all throw pillow groups. After that, when choosing your printed decorative cushions, find at least one or two that demonstrate these similar colors, even if it’s only a dot of the same hue.

Remember that pillow size is critical.

Size is an important factor when choosing throw pillows. If you choose an overly large cushion, it will fill your couch or seat. When choosing pillows, remember that they are accessories to the item, not the piece itself.

If you choose a throw cushion that is too little, it will appear as an afterthought, which is also a no-no in our guide. How big should a throw cushion be because we all have various chair or couch heights? Begin with the largest cushion size before working around the tiniest. Also, there are always cushion coverings. Find the correct cushion size first, then purchase pillow coverings for the desired aesthetic.


With so much advice on decorating an African mudcloth pillow available, it’s easier to understand. Take note that designing your home and modifying your couch should be enjoyable! Pillows are a quick and affordable way to change the aesthetic of a space.

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