Ways to Make Thick Foam for Car Wash

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You must know by now that you need specific tools for effective cleaning when it comes to car washing. These tools facilitate the cleaning process and enhance the shine and look of the car. It is imperative to use the proper tools and processes. For instance, you need cleaning solutions that make thick foam for car wash.

Easiest Way to Make the Foam Wash by Yourself

If you want to make the foam wash at home, you can easily do so with only a handful of products and car cleaning accessories. To effectively clean the dirt and the grime off the car’s surface, you need the best car pressure washer in India. Some of the best brands include Wavex and Michelin High Pressure Foam Washer.

You must evenly apply the cleaning solution on the surface once you mix the cleaning solution with water. Only an even coating of the washer cleans the dirt. You can dispense the product without any wastage with the car foam sprayer.

Make Thick Foam for Car Wash with These Correct Steps 

Prepare First

To make thick foam for car wash, you need a few items. Those are:

  • A bucket of warm water
  • ¼ cup of baking soda (do not worry, they are safe for your car. In fact, it removes all the grime.)
  • ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid 

If you have a car washing liquid, you can use it instead of the dishwashing liquid in the same measurement to make thick foam for car wash. Other than these items, you need two microfiber cloths, a soft-bristled brush, and a separate microfiber mitt to pat the surface dry.

Use the Proper Dilution Ratio

You must use the proper dilution ratio for products that generate thick foam. The correct dilution ratio is 1:10. What it means is that when you make the mixture, you add 100 mL of the product to a bucket that has 1000 mL of water. 

The Correct Settings Matter

Put the foam cannon in the right settings to make thick foam for car wash. Most of the foam cannons in the market have two basic controls:

  • There is a dial on the top which lets you control the amount of the solution you want in the foam cannon to become diluted
  • It has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to change the spray pattern.

Turn on the dial to the top. It ensures that you get the thickest foam possible. The thicker the foam, the better it will lift all the dirt and grime from the car’s surface. You can use the thick foam to clean your car. 

Monitor the foam washer as it “makes” the foaming wash, and watch out for any bubbles in the foam. In case there are any, turn it off. 

What Kind of Water Are You Using?

It is not just the tools you use that matter; the water also plays a role. Water is either hard or soft, depending on the level of impurities present in it. Hard water means a high level of impurities and contaminants in the water. It makes it impossible for the water to produce foam when diluting the washer. 

Always use soft water. If your area does not have a supply of soft water, you can use a water softener in the water tank to combat the issue. 

Exfoliate the Washing Liquid with a Foam Pad 

Now that you have applied the solution on the car’s surface, it is time to use some elbow grease. To make thick foam for car wash, you need a foam pad. The purpose of the foam pad lies in its name- it will foam up the washing liquid. 

Pour a tiny amount of the car wash on the pad and rub it to make the foam. Then gently rub the car surface with the pad. Start at one end and use circular motions. Slowly clean so no spot is left behind, and you do not accidentally cause swirl marks.

You can use the foam pad to clean one section of the car body at a time. You can start clockwise or anti-clockwise and then work to the other side. Let the washing liquid sit for a few minutes, then wash it off.

After the Foam Wash, Use Water Wash

In the last step of the cleaning process, you must clean off all the foam from the car. The foam sprayer that you used earlier comes with adjustable nozzles. It has an excellent feature that sprays foam after you make thick foam for car wash and also sprays water. Spray the water to clean off all the soap, and voila, you have a clean car!

End Note

Regularly cleaning your car is about hygiene, protection, and also maintaining the car’s value. Always use premium-grade products from Carorbis.com to make thick foam for car wash.

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