Want to Study Key Stage 3 Curriculum? Here’s Why Considering Private School in Kuala Lumpur is a Smart Decision!

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There is a range of curricula available. While all can seem best for your child, it is essential you map your child’s requirements, and needs before finalizing the curriculum. , it is said that if you want 360 degrees development of for your child, and want to ensure quality education, a key stage 3 curriculum is probably the best option!

But, the other side of the story is also that only getting an education from the key stage 3 syllabus is not enough. The right faculty and implementation of this curriculum are also important. This can be ensured if considered schools in kuala lumpur. Before discussing why private schools in Kuala Lumpur are best, let’s know a bit more about the Key stage 3 curriculum! 

Key Stage 3 Curriculum 

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum is a part of the National Curriculum that includes students between the age of 11 and 14 years, i.e., the first 3 years of secondary school. There are set standards available for what has to be taught to the students and the assessment grading criteria. It also establishes the standards for testing the children fairly. 

  • Subjects Taught in Key Stage 3 Curriculum

According to the National Curriculum, the students in Key Stage 3 must be taught these 11 mandatory subjects namely, Computing or ICT, Technology and Design, Design and Art, Geography, Science, English, Physical Education (with compulsory inclusion of swimming), Music, Modern Foreign Languages, History, Citizenship, and Math. And if you choose a private school in Kuala Lumpur, you get trained faculty, experienced guides, and teachers of all of these subjects. 

  • Assessment of Children in Key Stage 3

The grading system in the key stage 3 curriculum is fair. Before 2002, students were required to take SATs at the end of Year 9. But after that SATs for these students was abolished to reduce the burden on schools. 

Now, the students are assessed by their teachers through their coursework or by asking the children to finish in-school tests. Their grades will impact their choice of the options which they will be provided during year 9 for the study of KS4.

Why private schools in Kuala Lumpur are best for the Key Stage 3 curriculum?

The curriculum itself is best. But, you can extract all of its benefits only if you choose the right school. Here are the reasons why private schools in KL are the best-

  • Optimally experienced faculty members
  • Flexibility to student’s creativity, and individuality
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Updated teaching methods used
  • A holistic study approach followed

The Final Word

As of now, you must be convinced that the Key Stage 3 curriculum or Secondary education is the most vital part of a child’s development period. And, to ensure you get a quality education, choose the best private school in Kuala Lumpur. One such school is GIIS!

GIIS or Global Indian International School has one of the best faculty members to support students in all courses. It leverages an updated, and modern way of delivering education that leaves no room for any doubts for students. Contact the school for complete details on the admission process, fee structure, and more details. 

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